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Removed rapeseed oil from diet and raynauds has gone


Hi there,

I just wanted to let people know that after completely removing rapeseed oil from my diet my Raynauds symptoms have completely disappeared. Hopefully this may help other people too.

Rapeseed oil is in quite a lot of foods and many you don’t expect so you have to check ingredients on everything! I believe most restaurants use it as a main cooking oil too.

Not sure why rapeseed oil seems to be a problem but if you look online you will find that rapeseed is toxic and contains erucic acid so perhaps linked to that, I’m not sure.

Please note rapeseed oil is also in vegetable oil and is also known as canola oil. It's used in most processed foods from breads and ready meals to soups and condiments. There is usually an alternate version of a product using sunflower or olive oil.

Best wishes,


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Thanks. I will keep up with that. Initially, garlic was aggravating my flare ups but it appears I can tolerate it again.

Have never eaten anything with rapeseed oil in or on...but still have secondary Raynauds with my Syst. Sclerosis. Only have had secondary Raynauds since contracting Syst. Sclerosis. so a mystery!

Kieran_a in reply to marilynmcl

Rapeseed oil is also known as vegetable oil as a somewhat hidden ingredient. In the USA it's known as canola oil. It's in most processed foods; ready meals, soups, condiments, cooking sauces. It's used mainly as it's the cheapest oil with little taste.

jingsdog in reply to Kieran_a

I don't eat ready meals, yuk! I cook with coconut oil, I rarely eat processed food and make my own soup. Condiments are salt and pepper sauces are made by me too. I think coconut oil has no taste in my cooking. x

This is excellent news to learn. I am a chocoholic and love peanut butter. Bad news for me in that I will now abstain. The good news is hopefully I will be rid of Raynauds. I will update later as I'm sure it will take time.

Good luck with trying it, I hope it helps you too! Mine went away completely within a few days of avoidance; but accidentally consuming even a tiny bit of rapeseed oil and it comes straight back, so really need to check all ingredients and consider all restaurant foods to contain it.

You should be able to find some chocolate and peanut butter without rapeseed oil, some brands use other oils like sunflower instead :)

Kieran, how severe was your raynauds prior to eliminating the rapeseed oil and how long did you have it for? I’d love to eradicate my Raynaud’s and I only use sunflower and olive oil and very rarely consume anything processed so I find this connection quite bizarre..

Kieran_a in reply to tanya1981

I also have only been using olive oil for cooking. Fairly typical severity for around 10 years. For myself even the smallest amount brings the symptoms back. All I can suggest is check everything you eat for a few days and see if it helps you too. Don't forget it's also in breads etc

Kieran_a in reply to tanya1981

Also I meant to mention I'm avoiding e471 (Mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids) as I believe it contains rapeseed oil and I'm also avoiding mustard as it contains erucic acid like rapeseed. I'm not sure if it's the erucic acid which is the problem but I'm keeping away from it to be safe.

I have found that eliminating tea and coffee helps the pain in my hands. It may not be the caffeine so much as the tannin that is the problem. I eat plenty of black chocolate and drink cocoa and they contain caffeine, but they do not have the negative effect that tea and coffee do. Interesting what you say about the effect rapeseed / canola has. It could be a reaction to certain proteins in this plant, or perhaps to glyphosate pesticide sprays used on the crop, or to certain chains of fatty acids, or the glucosinolate lycosides found in members of the mustard family of plants. Who knows.

I avoid oils and processed/packaged foods; make my own soup and veggie broth. I eat a whole food plant based diet. Beans, kale, collards, walnuts, oats, barley, fruit, broccoli, that sort of thing. I have Raynaud's and limited scleroderma and MS. But I am still very active, a lot of daily exercise and hiking, backpacking. I'm using handwarmers and mittens or gloves for Raynaud's.

You need referral to a Gastrologist for investigations, and IBS clinics.

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