Are infected spots on your feet connected to Raynaud's ?

Hi i was diagnosed with Raynauds (primary i think) 16 years ago, i've been on and off nifidepine for this long (to conceive, side effects) but for the last 6 month i have had numerous spots filled with pus on one foot, that are mostly on the sole but also on the top of my foot. When the pus drains the skin goes very dry and flakes off, i also seemed to start with very dry skin at the sametime. My Gp informed me that they are "just infected spots" and gave me some antibiotic cream to apply 4 times a day. I returned a month later as more spots had appeared my GP just said "what are you concerned about ?". I have now had spots continuously for the last 2 months, spots seem to disappear and new ones appear elsewhere on my foot. I'm finding it hard to keep my feet moisturised and apply antibiotic cream, i think my GP just could not be bothered . I'm just wondering if anyone else has experienced this ?? OR if it is connected to Raynauds

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  • Hi becs,are you diabetic or has your GP checked.If not it may be worth asking to be checked.

    I would also see a chiropodist,you will have to pay which could be as much as 30 pound but they will give you more guidance than your GP seems to be giving you.Hope this is of help.Smiler x

  • Hi Smiler, thanks i am not a diabetic and have been checked for it but that was over 10 years ago. I have just made an appointment at doctors ( a different GP so will hopefully get more interest) but am not going until 4th March, as there are no appointments. I will look for a chiropodist and try that too. Becky x

  • Hi Beks,waiting until 4th March is too long a wait.Try for an earlier appointment if you can.Sometimes we have to almost demand to be seen.

    Some GPs have little understanding of Raynaud's and any underlying conditions and should refer you to a rheumatologist.

    If you do have a rheumatologist can you ring the secretary and ask for a quick appointment?

    Sienna suggested seeing a dermatologist,this is another excellent route to take.

    I know I might sound pushy but you need help now not in two weeks.Please try again for an earlier appointment.Smiler x

  • try Flamazine silver cream, helped heal those on my leg.

  • Hi where can but buy this from ? Are you told if these spots are connected to Raynauds ?

  • Flamazine is mfg by Smith and Nephew, a UK company. I do not have Raynauds, was told the ulcers were eruptions caused by calcium or collagen build up. But have healed and thy are gone .

  • You should probably see a dermatologist. It could be calcium build up or psoriasis starting.

  • I think I would be seeing my rheumatologist, who understands your Raynaud's condition. You have all the right in the world to be concerned about what is happen and any other medical conditions you may go through. Only we know when things are not working correct in our bodies. I hope you fine out just what is happen and can get the correct medical treatment. Best Wishes and Good Luck!

  • Yes indeed! I have loads of spots and rashes all over and is tormented with constant itching even before I was diagnosed with autoimmune disease. I was also told by a dermatologist that the lesions were infected insect bites which was nonsense. I was referred again to a different dermatologist who showed no interest, told me he couldn't see the rashes (I have dark skin) and again told me the spots were insect bites. My rheumatologist suspected scleroderma but this was not confirmed as I did not return to the dermatologist. I informed my rheumatologist about the attitude of the doctor and my refusal to see him again. I try to manage with all the usual skin creams and antihistamine tablets but as with the pains and the freezing hands and feet, nothing helps much.

    I am just confirming that your skin problem is one symptom of the condition in general and to reassure you somewhat, that it is not your imagination. Fellow sufferers know how you feel. It can be very frustrating but try not to get too stressed as it makes the symptoms worse. Let your doctor know about this and see what happens. Good luck!


  • Hello Thanks for all your replies (been very busy with a energetic 3 year old lol) I went to GP and saw a locum who said that the spots are fungal infection and that it could also be ecezma so has given me some cream and informed me to self refferal to a podiatrist (i'm a single Mum so can not afford the fee myself) I mentioned that i have shooting pains like i imagine a electric shock would feel and she informed me it is my Raynauds ( i have mentioned this to soo many doctors and have never been given an answer !!!!. I have now got a appointment for 1st April at my local podiatrist clinic. I must admit i have been having quite alot pain in my ankle as if i have gone over on my ankle but also burning stabbing pain in my toes, so am hoping i will get some answers at my appointment. I do not have a Rheumatologist as i never thought i was that bad but if this appointments proves it is connected i will push to see one

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