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Raynards and Bowel complications can anyone advise ?


I am an Antiphospholipid patient but my son has Raynards unfortunately my whole faimly have blood conditions one way or another :(

But I am really worried about my son !!!!!!!!!!!!

His Raynards is REALLY bad and as a child he was diagnosed as lactose intolerant (not too sure this was a correct diagnosis now although definatley problems with milk produce)

He is now 23 and has has chronic stomach pains has an extremely bloated stomach I thought he had put on weight going from a 32" wasit to a 36" I put him on the scales he is still 12 and a half stone 6' tall and bowel bleeds for over 18 months he was refered to our local hospital who are RUBBISH - they ignored him for a long while and eventually did a colonoscopy took a biopsy then promptly lost his notes and biopsy

The pain was so bad one day I made him go to my hospital london based and they carried out am abdo CT and found nothing :(

In the end they were of the opinion this was related to his raynards effecting his bowel :( :(

He has since had an endoscopy which found ospehagial hernia blood in his stomach and bile waste in his stomach as yet unexplained (no ulcers) he had a repeat colonoscopy yesterday and they took many biopsies from his colon

So in short Is this common how does Raynards effect the bowel has anyone else suffered like this ?

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Has your son seen a rheumatologist? He may have scleroderma as well as Raynaud's disease. I have scleroderma and Ranaud's and have a lot of trouble with my digestive system. I suggest he asks his GP to refer him to a rheumatologist. It can't be cured but it can be helped in many ways.

Best wishes.


I have to agree with Zenabb. I too have raynauds and scleroderma and have bowel problems. I am careful with what I eat as I am finding certain foods affect me. I would definately ask your GP for a referral to a rheumatologist.

Good luck.


Hi, me too !!!!, I have raynauds, scleroderma and suffer from bowel problems Therefore, .I would definitely insist on your son having further investigations and a review by a rheumatologist.


I'm sorry thegaul, I forgot to mention. I too have have problems with blood clots. All of my investigations into clotting problems have been inconclusive. I also have bile reflux into my stomach ????


Warts and all

In my family we have Lupus APS Lieden 5 & Heamachromatosis so not short of clotting disorders !

He shhould have been refered to Rheum in house at hospital instead they have sent letter to GP for him to refer him (funding issue I wonder) I am going to ask my GP to refer him to my rheum that way he will be fully aware of family history first hand.

Good Idea ?


Very good idea, hope you get answers, Best wishes


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