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Can’t sleep

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haven’t been able to sleep properly the last three nights anybody have any tips??

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Hi Stephxo2217, It’s difficult to advise without more information. To what do you attribute your difficulty sleeping & what have you already tried?

Install Insight time app on your phone. Search Yoga Nidra for sleep.

Also sleep drumming ->

Melatonin if you are old.

No alcohol before bed.

Also caffeine if you are sensitive.

As alexask stated, insight timer is a good app, my personal prefernce is “whole being relaxation into deep sleep “ by Gordon Burnham

Cool/cold bedroom. Late night strength building (I use dumbbells).

During the day sometime, taking a meditation like break (22 minutes works for me) helps reduce general anxiety levels.

Anxiety problems and sleep typically do not affect going to sleep but cause us to wake up partway through the night (and often make getting back to sleep incredibly tough).

~wbic, member sleep-matters forum

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