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Can’t sleep very well

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In addition to anxiety/depression I have trouble falling asleep and when I do I wake up covered in sweat or crying. This happens 3-5 times a week. I’m uncertain how this relates to my other problems or if it even does.

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You should tell your doctor about waking up crying or sweating . That is unusual.

sleep issues often coincide with anxiety & depression .

Be safe, be happy 🌞

Hi there, I also sometimes wake up covered in sweat. Are you having bad nightmares? I would recommend you talk to your GP about this.

GP doesn’t care. I’m going through a “bad patch” and our psychological services don’t warrant my situation serious enough to get back to me for an introductory meeting.

I am finding the same problems from my GP and from pyscological services,my GP suggested god helps those who help themselves ? I have PTSD after an unprovoked attack .which involved me being stabbed in the head with broken bottles I also suffered a badly broken nose and I am now left completely different to how I was before ,with very little help available or easy to find .

It never ceases to amaze me the amount of people who encourage others to seek any deity’s help when they’ve obviously never experienced anything that would require them to do the same. I find it insulting and dismissive and I’m sorry that both that happened to you and s healthcare professional was so flippant.

And yes appalling nightmares either of frightening things or past experiences I should have done more.

Waking up frequently with horrible nightmares was a symptom of my anxiety and depression. I was prescribed a SSRI Escitalopram (Lexapro) 8 weeks ago. The nightmares have stopped completely and I’m sleeping lots better. Still wake up a bit but much more gently. Took a good week for the side effects to diminish (I nearly gave up) but stuck with the meds and I am thinking this is a good med for me. Much more level and not getting so wound up and irritated by people/things. Discuss with your doc. I’m in UK and I’m on 10 mgs a day. Good luck 😉

What side effects did you encounter? If that’s not too personal a question.

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No problem. Generally felt weird. Between feeling high and feeling lackadaisical and woolly-headed. Also mouth was dry and eyes heavy. Yawning a lot. Sleepy - too chilled out to concentrate, brain didn’t feel sharp. Between days 4-10 were not good. But feeling so much better - virtually no anxiety and the sleep thing is major. Would recommend. My first time on antidepressants although probably had condition most of my life. I just put it down to life issues but clearly was mainly down to GAD as still had symptoms when no real problems/issues in my life! Hope this helps!!

That’s pretty much what I’ve got. Yes any info is helpful thank you.

Do you take medication for your anxiety? If so, I've usually found a pharmacist better to discuss possible medication side effects with. Or have you considered if you have a sleep disorder?

I do and I've discussed it with my GP, doesn't care.

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