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Sleep issues and anxiety



Hope all are well?

I have bene having difficulty sleeping recently ( 2 months) and have been taking pills for sleeping and I have been suffering from anxiety and work related stress, taking medicine for it also.

Any help, support nd ideas especially with sleep will be appreciated!!

Have tried exercise, meditation, breathing, dowloaded app cal and used it but need some help pls.

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Is this related to the pandemic, too? It has stressed most of us. If you can see a therapist, that might be a good place to start. Also, I’ve been journaling in the middle if the night when I can’t sleep. I have taken niacin to calm anxieties at night, and that seems to help.

cultus007 in reply to Tortie2014

Not really Pandemic, trying CBT now

This is likely related to the pandemic, a crisis that puts families and our mental health at serious stress. You might try melatonin 5-10mg. Also, don't watch your laptop or smartphone in bed before sleep. Smartphone is ok if you put it on blue filter and lower the light. When you watch a bright screen, your brain interprets it as "daytime," and that can inhibit the natural sleep process. You don't say if your insomnia is inability to fall asleep, or waking up during the night and not getting back to sleep.

cultus007 in reply to Jeff85705

Hi, it is not being able to go back to sleep again . Stress and toughts prevent it

Jeff85705 in reply to cultus007

Maybe try your sleep meds after you wake up in the middle of the night. That's what I do. I get to sleep fairly easily, but wake up around 1-2am. Then I take a temazepam and that seems to help. Counseling and maybe muscle relaxants might help temporarily during this stressful time. Best of luck to you. Insomnia's a real bitch, and it seems to get worse as we age.

Maybe this link will help.

As for the melatonin mentioned above 5-10 mg is a very high dose. With melatonin more is not better and comes with a lot of side effects that may occur. Headache, nausea, next day grogginess, sleepiness that can last quite a while as melatonin stays elevated in your blood. Melatonin can also stop working, so if smaller doses do stop, consuming more is a tale sign your issues are not due to melatonin deficiency. Always start with lowest dose and work up (start with .3 to 1 mg)

cultus007 in reply to RoxieDawn

Really useful will try, any ideas to cope with stress will also be appreciated. Mind is always ruminating and thinking and recently been stressed b-c of work cant seem to switch off at all

RoxieDawn in reply to cultus007

Something called stimulus control. Here is a link as it regards for sleep.

If you have constant anxiety where it interferes with day time, work, home life and your sleep, you might be better served talking with a therapist. But for now, try to set aside a time of day called worry time. It can be 10 minutes, 20 or 30 minutes, depending on how much time you have. After that try to stop anxiety steeling hours by concentrating on your daily tasks, use distractions, these things should need your full focus and attention. Exercise can be of great help for sleep as well. Do things that are hands on, but could be relaxing like reading, putting together a puzzle, watching TV too, but stay away from triggers. Knowing your triggers will be very beneficial. Maybe keep a journal of your day, this may very well tell you your triggers. Use breathing exercises to calm panic if you have that happen.

When it’s time for bed use the other things given for helping you wind down and get into bed, leave the bed if unable to fall asleep etc.

cultus007 in reply to RoxieDawn

Brilliant, thanks for sharing appreciate it

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