Castor oil for relief of dry eyes (and other bits)

Hello fellow sufferers,

Wanted to tell you about something that MAY help you, at least in regard to dry eyes. I was googling treatments to grow lush eyelashes, and read about castor oil. I've been putting organic cold pressed castor oil on my lashes and brows for about 3 months and they definitely appear thicker and longer. One post said it could also help with dry eyes.

I simply apply one large drop from a pump bottle with my fingertip along the end of my lashes before I go to bed (not too much as it can sting a little bit) and before bed is the best time because it can blur your vision for a while, and it gets to work all night while you sleep. My eyes are definitely not as dry as they were.

I definitely recommend trying it out. It's cheap, natural, and has none of the horrible preservatives contained in pretty well all eye drops.

I'd love to hear from anyone else who has tried it, or tries it after reading my post.

cheers and best wishes from Karen

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  • I am definitely going to try this my eyes are dry and scratches all the time. Thank you sooo much

  • Billychloe you are welcome and I so hope it helps you too! I've not been up long and my eyes are feeling pretty good.

  • tempting. I put oil in my ears, I could just add it to my eyes. I have very dry lashes. I was looking for mascara with oil in it to put on them. never gave that a thought.

    I also have very dry skin around my toe nails. ? prob use the same.

  • Hope it helps you, after using it all night, you wash your eyes and then apply your mascara. Your eyes should be feeling refreshed and lubricated - and there are also a few very good natural type mascaras you can buy.

  • I have Sjögrens and suffer badly with my eyes. Thank you for this advice I have ordered some and I’m looking forward to trying it 😀

  • You are welcome and I so hope it helps you

  • Bee1011 Yes, I can very much sympathise with the dry eye problem and my eyes feel much better in the mornings since I've been using it. I said in my original post that I put it on the end of lashes when I really meant along eyelids at start of eyelashes - but I don't think it matters too much as during the night it will work itself along lashes and into eyes.

  • Just make sure when ordering that it's organic Hexane-free Castor oil.

  • Correct, the pure organic oil is the one you need.

  • What's the natural mascara brand you have discovered? I've got dry eyes, always putting in drops and have paralysis in 1 eye, so need mascara which doesn't run, due to the amount of drops and yet is easy to remove. I have to attach a weight to my eyelid each night to sleep, so I need a product which has no residue for removal. ( this may be a tough one, but thought I'd ask)

  • I use a clinique waterproof mascara and take it off with simple eye makeup remover which has no oil as i find it irritates my eyes . I can put in eye drops while wear this with no running .

  • Thanks for the suggestion. I will google 'natural or green' mascara and see what turns up.

  • 25clai Gosh you have got me there, I tore a page out of the paper recently, chock a block full of 'green' makeup and beauty products, and there was one for a mascara which sounds great! I'll have a look later on and if I find it, I will post it. In the meantime, maybe you could google 'green or natural mascara' and see what turns up. My eyelashes are much more lush since I started with the castor oil but they are blonde, and I've got red hair, and most commercial mascaras are black, blacker or blackest! So I personally need to use a brown one - I wish I could find a reddish brown one.

  • Thanks for the suggestion. I will google 'natural or green' mascara and see what turns up.

  • Interesting and thanks for this. I had an Indian work colleague who gave me some black kajal to outline my eyes. She said it was made from some type of burnt ashes (can't remember what) mixed with castor oil. I remember her saying how good castor oil was for cleansing the eyes!

  • paulamari you are most welcome and I can attest my eyes feel 100% better up until about 8.00 p.m. when they start to get dry and I will then use some lubricating eye drops if I want to read in bed - before putting the castor oil on my lashes and brows and in eyes before I go to sleep. Indians have some great natural remedies - I use henna on my hair, turmeric mixed with natural yogurt and honey as a face mask - I love all natural products - plus they are SO MUCH cheaper without all the preservatives and other yucky stuff. If you decide to try the castor oil, it would be great if you could post and say how it works for you.

  • Shall do Psychodelia! Yes I love all natural product too and have used henna on my hair years ago. I must try the yoghurt mixture on my face as everything else upsets my skin. I'm thinking of making up my own kajal too, if I can find a true Indian recipe! :)

  • paulamari, I replied to you last night, but something appears to have gone wrong, 'cos it isn't there. So here goes again. I guess I've gone a bit off topic from dry eyes, but if you want to try the face mask, my recipe is one teaspoon of good quality turmeric powder (or maybe you could use fresh grated turmeric, I simply use the powder from an Indian grocery, they have the best) mixed with about 2 tablespoons of natural dairy or vegan yogurt and a small amount of honey, apply to my face, throat and decolletage.

    I leave it on at least an hour. Perhaps you might want to do a 'patch' test first in case you are allergic. It makes your face feel quite warm, but far from unbearably warm, and wear old clothes or use a towel, because the turmeric will stain your clothes and anything you spill it on if you don't clean it up straight away. It can also give your face a yellowish tint after you have washed it off - so I use a light application of a BB cream afterwards because I don't want to look jaundiced. It's a brilliant mask in spite of the messiness involved. Best of luck, and I hope your kajal recipe works too.

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