Systemic itching - no rash. Sjogren's??

I am a 57 year female with long standing Hashimotos, B12 deficiency and Sjogren's syndrome. I am treated with combo T3/t4 (very good endocrinologist - keeping my TSH supressed and free T3 T4 ok) and B12 injections, and of course eye creams! Over the last couple of years I have been having very distressing episodes of unbearable itching which nothing seems to help and with no idea as to the cause. My Gp has prescribed gabapentin and previously anti-hystamines but neither really help. The hell lasts a few weeks and disappears - most recently for almost a year before coming back to bite me. I really hoped it had gone for good - but this time seems to be even worse than the last! My lovely soft cotton clothes sometimes feel like they are made of barbed wire - I itch and I prickle all over and my skin actually hurts - but no rash. My Gp increased the gabapentin but it made no difference so I have reduced it with a view to stopping it - what's the point taking such a drug if it makes no difference to the symptom? I wonder if any of you have this (and I'm really sorry if you do)- or can throw any light on the cause of what is an absolutely awful symptom. I cannot think of a single trigger - believe me I have tried. If I could rid myself of this, I would. Many thanks in advance

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  • I am 63. I have had SS for 42 years. I started with a symptom like yours but over the years in my case it did eventually develop into small isolated exema areas (described to me as winter rash- not contagious) that appeared to surface after heat against my skin i.e.. hot showers (which also dry the skin) or heat generated when lying against something. I've never found anything to stop the itch apart from topical coverage with vinegar but make sure the swab you apply it with is not too absorbent and that it really wets the skin. It might sound terrible and I do not recommend it but the vinager seems to work better on me if I apply after the skin is abrased from scratching. If this doesn't work - I hope at least that its given you some understanding re heat cause and dryness.

  • Thanks Anna-bell

    Very interesting and informative and certainly food for thought! Will try just about anything! Many thanks X

  • Are you on a lot of medication?,.if so the medication can build up in the liver you may need a liver detox Swiss have a good one also if you drink the juice of half a lemon in water half an hour before breakfast it cleanses the liver and protects it .

    B12, Co-Enzime Q10 and vitamin C protect the liver.

    A blocked liver can cause high blood pressure and Adrenal Fatique.

  • Could be liver related - have you had your liver function tested lately?

  • Hi - thanks - that's what I'm starting to think! I have had LFTs done - but earlier in the year - the itching prickling skin is hell today - think another trip to the GP is needed but not sure how far I'll get - seem more bothered with trying to reduce itch than trying to find out what is causing it! I'd Really like both to be considered X

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