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I see many instances of Sjogrens Positive folks that are also marginally Hypothyroid. Myself, TSH ranges around 5 just above the blood indicator range indicating my body thinks I need more T3 and T4. (if I understand the how the Thyroid works.) However, my T3 and T4 are within the acceptable limits. I now take 25mg - one tablet of Levothyroxine daily, but think this is really doing nothing and possibly the dosage should be raised until my TSH level is within the normal range. I'm wondering if by doing this it might help my digestion/constipation and dry skin issues. However, the Dr is non committal to raising the dosage, I think because my T3 and T4 levels are within range. I'm curious for you other Sjogrens patients what you might be going through regarding your thyroid? It seems to me, that many of the Sjogrens issues/symptoms are strongly related to the same types of issues of Hypothyroid.

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  • Hi

    I have been suffering from Sjogren's for very long but I also have other autoimmune conditions too. I asked the doctor to test me for Sjogren with my arthritis. I dont have any problems with my thyroid but I get the feeling that Sjogren is not researched as much as it should be other than the obvious dryness. Though my Sjogren is primary coz it was diagnosed with serious arthritis there was not much discussion about it. I read somewhere that slight memory loss is also associated with Sjogren and I was also slightly losing so I asked the doctor and she said yes but she did not specify with which of my condition it is related to or I just forgot. It is better ti ask a specialist than your gp. Sorry about rambling and not really being helpful.

  • Sjogren's does affect your thyroid, I take 150mg a day, mine is the over active one, with your digestion/constipation etc, this is a digestive problem you need to take a digestive enzyme every time you eat, Turmeric is good for leaky gut syndrome, inflammation and digestion and Inner health plus to keep the gut and bowel healthy and fiber tablets help with constipation for your skin you need a good moisturizer once a day you can get a spray on now I find that good and easy after you have a shower.

  • I assume that a digestive enzyme is different than turmeric? What is a good digestive enzyme? I see many different types.

  • Yes the digestive enzyme is different to the Turmeric and I just get a good brand that is on special at chemist warehouse.

  • Hello,

    I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism first about 15 years ago. I was diagnosed with Sjogrens last year.

    Whether there is a connection between the conditions I do not know but I expect there is.


  • coachkb1, there's a wealth of information on the thyroid uk community on health unlocked. check it out. they helped me with questions about my hypothyroidism, and one of the commonest topics is from people who've been told their thyroid test results are 'normal', when in fact they are being undermedicated coz their GPs don't understand thyroid issues. I also have primary Sjogren's (diagnosed 2005). good luck!

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