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Vaginosis. Ouch, Ow, Ooo! Advice please?

I had a severe flare of my auto-immune conditions recently, plus a whole ruck of other health problems to boot. But to add insult to injury I am now sitting on a pile of cushions like the princess & the pea!

5 days of metronidazole gel hasn't made much difference, so it's back to my GP tomorrow. I guess I am really run down, & obviously the Sjogren's aspect doesn't help.

Any advice would be most gratefully received. PLEASE.

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I too have just had a lot of health problems mostly related to Sjogren's plus a bladder infection. A great deal of discomfort. Your GP is the best bet. I was fortunate that the Nurse saw me immediately and .she had the Dr write up a prescription or I could have been waiting for an appointment still. Good luck it sounds just awful. I found the Cranberry juice helpful. I don't know Vaginosis sounds very Ouch



I saw a great GP today who thought the problem was inflammation & dryness causing ulceration. No wonder it's so flipping painful then! She's given me Cetraben emollient cream to try. Fingers crossed it works this time.

I hope this post proves helpful for anyone else in the same boat.


I saw a gyno yesterday to get a pap smear but told her about the pain I get. She suggested an eostrogen cream for dryness if it got worse. Not sure if this helps. Someone else suggested Vit E capsules and also papaya cream.


Thanks Blogg, I think the hormonal aspect plays a part too. I stopped my contraceptive pill 7 weeks ago when I had a DVT, & the doc did say my body was working up to a bleed. Hey presto, here it is today. So maybe this will help things settle down too.

Problem is I get terrible premenstrual lupus flares, which is the only reason I was on the pill in the first place. Hopefully the rheumy will have some ideas to tackle this when I go in a few weeks.

Take care. X


Hi I recently asked about ulceration down below..My GP now thinks I am suffering from Behcets disease ..please read the HU Behcets forum...AND the vaculitis HU Forum it's all linked and may shed some light on our symptom as it has mine ..

Hope it helps xx


Hi Donna

Many thanks for the info. I didn't know much about Behcet's, although I have seen it mentioned on the Lupus & vasculitis forums. There are so many BOGOF autoimmune illness, I wonder if the medics just give up on further diagnosis once you get past half a dozen!

I've certainly got a few of the other symptoms of Behcet's including floaters, GI probs & cardio vascular issues. How about you? Is your GP investigating this further, or referring you on to someone else to do this?

Take care, & I hope you are sitting comfortably - quite literally. X


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