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Clinical Trial for Fallopian Tube Stage 3c Cancer

Hi, I would very much appreciate hearing if you have had a similar experience. I was diagnosed with Stage 3C High Grade non BRAC, Fallopian Tube Cancer in Oct of 2016. I underwent a total de bulking surgery in November of 2016 followed by 3 rounds of chemotherapy. My last Chemo was April 22, 2018 and I was waiting to hear what they were able to do for me next as my CA 125 went up. I am now advised that I am platinum resistant and chemo will not longer be of benefit to me. They have suggested that I participate in a clinical trial (I reside in Canada) ONC-DPX-Survivac-06 which is an Immunotherapeutic Vaccine, DPX Survivac with Low Dose Cyclophosphamide and Epacadostat. It helps the body's immune system fight cancer cells. DPX Survivac is a product that is supposed to target cancer cells in your body and destroy them. This has not yet been approved by Health Canada however they have approved this study.

Has anyone else participated in this study or know anything about this????

A person must agree to injections under the skin in the upper thigh, plus cyclophosphamide pills, other tests, and tissue biopsies. To be honest, I am afraid of the biopsies. Has anyone else had a biopsy and is there pain involved???

I am hopeful of having success with this clinical trial in either reducing or maintaining the amount of cancer that I presently have in my body however I would appreciate any information on anyone else's experience with this form of treatment.

Thanks very much. Best wishes to all.

Shar C

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Sorry Sharon,

I have no experience or heard of this study!

Wishing you the well!


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