Ovarian Cancer stage 3c since Oct.'15

This is my first post. Had, chemo, debulking, chemo, & Avastin. ( Can't take anymore Avastin.) In Sept. 2016 went into partial remission. My CA125 was 19 then. In Dec. it climbed to 36 & Jan. to 46.9. Doctor's office called me to come a month ahead of time to have another CT. I just had one Jan. 20, 2017. Having another one March 13. I've not felt well or like myself since 2014. Beginning to have adominal swelling again. My left leg hurts often, still have blood clots in lungs. Lots going on in my body. I just turned 59. I know I'm in God's hands, but I feel like I'm facing chemo again. I'd rather it be chemo, than the doctor say, there was nothing more he could do for me. Just feeling nervous and dread.

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  • Jenny1958, Thanks for writing in. I'm so sorry you're feeling this way :( Do you have people around you you can lean on?

  • Yes my husband, sister and church family and friends are an encouragement to me. I also have a fourth Angel. I highly recommend that program. She's a survivor with the same cancer as me. Just found out today that my red blood cells are really low and my BUN count is too high. The 2 dosages of Avastin harmed my kidneys but put me in partial remission. Seems like theirs drawbacks and trade offs to everything with cancer treatment. Another lady and friend in my church is fighting her battle with exactly the same thing. We try to help each other.

  • So glad to hear you have people around you. Plus you keep up on your treatment and sounds like you research alot. 🙏😎

  • Things are moving fast for you.we ķnow the signs earlier.stay positive

  • Thanks Cynitha. Have only been in partial remission since Sept. From what I've read in the cancer sites, cancer becoming active in that short of time can be fatal much sooner. That's something I will need to discuss with my doctor.

  • I'm sorry for what your going through. There are many nice people here.. on Facebook there is a group called ovarian cancer women.. come join us. .. there's alot of women in that group at different stages of oc.. maybe they can give you some of their experiences .. have a good day and hugs

  • I joined one. I hope it's the one you're in.

  • Sounds like you have faced quite a bit and came out fighting. I know that feeling when you know something isnt normal in your body. I m praying the angels are with you. Its so hard to be positive when youre frightened. But you are in God hands. Remember you are a fighter... you are not finished here yet. Thoughts and prayers to you , carry on.🙏🙏🙏🙏😇😇

  • Thank you.:)

  • Jenny, I don't know what your scan showed but CA numbers can be affected by a variety of benign things. After all you've been through the new normal is a moving, unknown target. Ascites can also be caused by blood clots. Your scan on Mar 13 could reveal good news. Tesla

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