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Has anyone else besides me had blood clots In their lungs due to having cancer? I didn't know till after the fact, that cancer patients are highly subseptible to blood clots. Mine was found with a routine CT in July '16. Spent 6 days in partial intensive care. I didn't have any symptoms other than a backache the night before. I have degenerate disc disease and scoliosis so I just thought it was that. I'm on Xarelto cause couldn't regulate with Coumidim.

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I haven't had any blood clots...as of yet, but I know that is one of the things they are always on the look out for. At one point I developed pain whenever I took a breath. They had me come in to the ER pronto because they were concerned I had a clot in my lungs. It turned out I had pleurisy which in the end doesn't tell you much other than I had some sort of imflamation...but luckily no clots. I hope the Xarelto works.

deb1113 in reply to GwenHP

I had a pulmonary embolism in 2005, years before cancer. I have been on Warfarin since then. But, during chemo from August thru September, 2013, I had to give myself enoxaparin (Lovenox) shots.

Jenny1958 in reply to deb1113

Those shots are painful. I had them in the hospital. They make bruises and knots under my skin. They couldn't regulate the Warfrin although I stayed on the strict diet.

deb1113 in reply to Jenny1958

I got used to them. But, I was glad to stop. My vascular doctor let me do one double dose a day rather than two shots and that helped.

Yes. Told I've had a recurrence in Jan thus year just 5.5 months since finishing 1sr line treatment. One of my developments is small blood clots on the aorta leading to both of my lungs now have to inject myself for 6 months with blood thinners plus of course additional treatment for recurrence.

Wasn't told of this as a likelihood


Hi Jenny,

I had a clot on my lung which was found during the MRI scan I had as part of my initial diagnosis. Whether the clot was because of or in spite of the cancer I don't know as that was never discussed as we had other issues to deal with as my mass was growing extremely fast and I had hypercalcaemia too. I injected myself daily with clexane which is heparin and the clot dissolved. My oncologist said the injections were good for my veins whilst having the chemo so I injected for a total of 8 months. They are painful to do and the bruising on my tummy was quite spectacular but worth it in the long run.

Hope you are now feeling better? and that your back isn't giving you too much trouble.

Take lots of care ❤xx Jane

Hi Jenny I had surgery Dec 2015 for 3C and had a blood clot in my right lung (pulmonary embolism) which was diagnosed 5 days after surgery... I was very ill after surgery. I was given Fragmin injections to inject daily on alternative thigh (I said no way was I injecting after surgery in my tummy!). I've only stopped taking them 3 weeks ago.. not sure how this happened but apparently I should have had them for 6 months 🤔 Love Michelle x

Hi there Jenny 1958. I did not get any blood clots, but I think that's because after the de-bulking surgery I was sent home with supplies to inject myself with a blood thinner called Luvenox every day for six weeks. Then when I had a stoma reversal and was in hospital for two weeks, they injected me with the same blood thinner every day while I was there. I am in US. Best to you! Tesla

Hi Jenny I got 2 pulmonary embolisms last August. I have been injecting myself with blood thinners (Deltaparin) since then. Apparently both chemo and cancer can bring on these little visitors but I was not warned. I've got used to the injections now and have not had any more embolisms since ....


I was rushed down for a CT scan a few days after my op when I told the doctor I was not getting the injections that the others in the ward were getting. I think it was a mistake by the hospital. I had a pulmonary embolism and was told cancer patients were at risk for this. I have to inject with dalteparin until my chemo finishes which will be a total of more than 6 months-no longer I hope!

I had blood clots in the hospital after debulking surgery, I was pretty sick and didn't get all the info. Also had 2 pints of blood. I wish the there was more information on this cancer, seems they hold it until it actually blindsides you. I think I need to read more about the disease and what to watch out for in the future. My best to all, Eileen

Thanks Eileen. Yes, they don't tell you everything. I've read alot about ovarian cancer, but I didn't read I was subsectable to blood clots.

I'm still not buying the "everybodys different" or "We don't know"

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