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A little anxious

Been feeling unwell for a while but to busy helping others and work commitments to distract myself with a few pains. Slowly it got worse so while on a work break plucked up the courage to go see my GP explaining I have abdominal cramps and back pain, abdominal swelling/bloating, frequently going to wee, plus constant nausea, and fatigue not forgetting a very small appetite at presents. I explained I had had a hysterectomy 8 years ago everything removed as my mother died of Ovarian cancer. I asked for a CA125 blood test and she is sending me for a urgent scan. The next day my gp put me on Colecalciferol 20,000 units as it came through that my vitamin D is low. Does this have anything to do. With The big C? Slightly worried as pain is getting much worse and struggling to sleep now. 😢

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Colecalciferol is vitamin D3. Some studies suggest a link between vitamin D deficiency and various diseases, cancer being but one of them.

It sounds like you are on top of your situation. One of the hardest things about medical conditions is all of the waiting - for doctor's appointments, test results, figuring out what next.

When is your scan? And what type of scan did she order for you?

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I don't know when my scan is still waiting. ca125 blood test came back normal but symptoms getting worse. Stomach is about 5 months pregnant in size with pain. Dr is useless 😢


Have you seen your gynocologist?


Not yet waiting in pain for a ct scan hopefully 😢


I was put on colecalciferol to protect my bones while I was taking prednisolone for polymyalgia. When I was diagnosed with cancer I took it for a while after the op and then stopped. I think it is a very common supplement -certainly not specific to cancer.

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