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Hi, I'm hoping to get some answers. I'm worried I may have ovarian cancer but I also have anxiety. But I've been having bloating and gas feeling in my stomach with pressure in my pelvic area. Also heartburn and what I thought was acid reflux but when I recently had a barium swallow done, they didn't see any reflux. I have an appointment coming up but I can't help but to worry. Also I had a blood count done and the only thing my GP saw was an iron deficiency. Can a blood test show that cancer is somewhere in the body? Thanks

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  • Hi Tanae, welcome to the group. Your concern about these symptoms is very understandable. I'm glad that you're being proactive and have scheduled an appointment to see a doctor as they would be best to make any type of diagnosis and can give you more info. Please check back in with us after the appointment so we know how it goes- I'll be keeping you in my thoughts!

  • Hi, Thank You very much!

  • Iron deficiency can be caused my many things. I don't want to scare you but when i was diagnosed with ovarian cancer i was deficient in Vitamin D and iron. Keep being pro active in your health. Ask for a CA 125 blood test . Keep me update . God Bless

  • Okay I will do that Thank You.

  • Just check with your doctor. You need to get a CA125 blood test done. And also a PET scan. A ultra sound of the ovaries may not show anything as it did in my case. I pray all is well. Try not to panic and overthink the situation. You could just has gastritis. Praying for the best. Belsie

  • Yes there are blood tests. I have an anxiety disorder and I worried about symptoms like yours. I had all you described. It was a a process of elimination. The doctors did treat after tests, seeing nothing. They thought I was rather daft. I just didn't feel right you know your own body. Eventually a radiologist saw a "suspicious cyst" on a MRI they ordered for lower back. I had back pain also. My general practitioner was suspicious also. Yep she started the ball rolling and in two short weeks I had total hysterectomy and it's stage IIIb Ovarian cancer. Not trying to frighten you and it may not be. Your case. The blood test that confirmed before surgery was a CA 125. Like.like a genetic marker for cancer cells invading you body. Anyway my was elevated. I thank God they found it sooner than later. I suppose my point is If you believe things are not right with your body keep on it. I'm going through 6 cycles of chemo now my CA 125 is going down. I'm fighting to kill this Ovarian cancer. Which is often overlooked and we must make the public more aware.

    I'm praying and hoping you will be fine. Don't let people tell you you a crazy and anxious because of your anxiety , sometimes you go with your gut. I did and it saved my life.


  • hi

    first why worry if you dont have to. second get a sonogram of your ovaries/uterus. at which point hopefully its nothing...ask for a ct scan if needed lastly is the bloodwork ca125 which is a tumor marking blood test. prayi g its nothing!

  • It's really good that you're being pro active.You should ask to get a CA 125 blood test, although it's not always indicative of disease.Also, you might consider scheduling an appointment with a gynecologist, better yet a gynogological oncologist.I'm suggesting this because they're the ones that have more expertise in symptoms and tend to be more proactive than Internists.This is what they do all the time.They might possibly suggest a CAT scan.

    Sending good positive thoughts your way.

    I wish you good luck

  • First of all, breathe. Just take a couple of deep breaths. You don't know anything yet and I've seen a lot of women worried and then it turns out to be nothing at all. And even if it is the dreaded news, lots of women survive ovarian and other cancers these days. Cancer is no longer the death sentence it was years ago, so just take a minute to breathe. I am 13 years out from fallopian-tube cancer (ovarian's evil twin.) I was given a 15% chance of survival and I'm still here and have never had a recurrence.

    That being said, you are smart to act on this and listen to your body. A blood test probably is not going to show cancer. It can give a warning to some cancers, but most times other tests are necessary, ultrasounds, cat-scans, etc. Make sure you have a doctor that you are comfortable with and you feel is competent, one that you can talk to. If that is not the case, find one that fits. Secondly, follow through with all of your testing and then you will know for sure what (if anything) you are up against. In the mean time, try to relax. Believe me, I know it's hard, but the stress is not doing you any good either. Meditate, take a yoga class, go for a walk, play with the dog (if you have one.)

    If you find that you have an illness, try to learn all you can about it so you ask the right questions going into your doctor's appointments. Reach out to others that have been there through support groups, online or in person. You'd be surprised how many people are there to help. When you do research, stay on trusted sites. There is a LOT of info out on the internet these days, not all of it good.

    Most of all, listen to your heart and mind, don't be afraid to ask questions and "rock the boat" if necessary. Find the right doctor that you trust and have a good rapport with....take deep breaths:)

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