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Hi, Everyone!

I was diagnosed with stage 3c clear cell ovarian cancer in April 2014. I had surgery to remove a two lb mass. A debulking procedure was done. 4 weeks later a other surgery to remove 15 lymph nodes, 2 had cancer. I started chemo 4 weeks later. I did troxil 2 times while I was healing. Then I started stomach wash chemo 8 rounds and a other 8 rounds of IV chemo. 6 weeks after my last chemo I was able to go to work. Then I. Dec 2015 I had surgery to repair 5 hernias. To date I'm cancer free. I'm happy to say I look at things a lot differently and I am truly blessed. Best wishes to everyone that we all survive and we find a cure.

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  • Congratulations!!!! May you have many many years being cancer free!

  • Congrats .... 😊👍😐 May many of the rest of us do as well ..Thank you for your story you give us all hope .

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  • Thank you for this. I am also stage 3c clear cell, had debulking in December and am half way through 6 rounds of carbo/taxol. Keen to hear of any treatments for clear cell.

  • Neona, you might want to check out and search for clear cell ovarian to get some ideas. There are trials out there now that are specifically targeting the nuances of clear cell ovarian carcinomas. They are starting to look at more targeted and immuno-therapies. I also kind of keep an eye out on what is going on with renal cancer as it seems to have some similarities with clear cell ovarian cancer. As ovarian cancer survivors we can sometime beg, borrow and steal from the lessons learned in other cancers. For example, serous ovarian cancer has greatly benefited from breast cancer advancements.

    Best wishes,


  • This article gives a pretty good overview of some of the current thoughts on treating clear cell: Check out the section on "PROMISING THERAPEUTIC TARGETS". - Gwen

  • Thanky you-I will have a look.

  • Hi, has your Dr mentioned to you stomach wash chemo. Also known as IP chemo. It extends reoccurrence time. A lot of hospitals don't do it. It's kept me cancer free since 2014. Research it even a couple IP treatments help.Best wishes for a healthy happy long life.

  • That is so wonderful to hear, it gives us all hope!! Hugs!!

  • That's what I wanted to hear. That's what I want to talk to my surgeon about, the stomach wash. Can you tell me more?

  • Hi, I asked my Dr what she would do if she was me and she related definitely stomach wash chemo. Not all hospitals do this treatment. City of Hope does. Along with my regular chemo IV a port was surgically attached to the bottom of my right rib. Very quick process. They gave me IV chemo first that was administered very slowly on a drip lasted 24 hours. Then I got about two hr break and pre meds start. In IV again after they finish they put liquid into port then chemo then more liquid. They try to put a liter of fluid in addition to the chemo. My stomach couldn't take all the fluid so I eventually started to stop at 600-700 Mili . Prior they were giving 1000. Too much pressure on my stomach. If my cancer was to return I wouldn't hesitate to do this treatment again. After the chemo is done they lower each end of the bed so the wash moves around your organs. Then they have you turn on each side. Each is for 15 minutes. I would turn and then sleep. Best wishes for you and your success.

  • Does it have a lot of side effects?

  • No I was just uncomfortable.

  • Awesome!!

  • Lizchips, you mentioned having 5 hernias repaired. Were they all after the debulking surgery. I have 4 for sure and maybe a 5th myself.. all after the sugery, I am sure after removing the omentum and peritoneum that doesn't leave much to hold our organs in does it. do you feel you overdid it at any time or is this pretty common with this surgery?

  • I so relate to you seeing things differently I certainly do ... congratulations on being cancer free whoop whoop 🎉👍🏻💪🏻

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