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Help, scared and need info


I am new here....I am 44 years old and was diagnosed with stage III C ovarian cancer 3 years ago Had 2 ports put in, went through 6 months of chemo (abdominal wash and IV) and also had a complete hysterectomy with 20 lymph nodes removed. My last scan 6 months ago was clear. Lately have been having a ton of chest tightness and discomfort along with cough. Asked for a chest xray and a pleural effusion was found. Everyone telling me not to worry that it could be infection (I have had a cold for awhile but the chest discomfort has been going on for about 6-8 weeks). I looked up ovarian cancer and pleural effusion and it is not good. I did not know that pleural effusions can indicate a recurrence in cancer. I am wondering if anyone else has had a pleural effusion that ended up indicating a recurrence. I am very scared. i have a chest CT scheduled for Tuesday but I am having a lot of chest heaviness today, don't know if it's anxiety and am just freaking out. I feel like I have just been waiting for my cancer to come back for the past 3 years. I have a 10 and 13 year old and I cannot even imagine.......I am just scared. Any comments would be appreciated. Don't sugar coat it.....just want the truth. Thank you,


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Carie I'm sorry for what your going through... if you have Facebook join a group called ovarian cancer women many in that group that share their experiences and give advice and friendship.. not saying that you won't find that here just I found that group on Facebook and they have gotten me through all my questions ...

I am a supporter of natural therapies and I love acupuncture. It helps in so many ways, reducing fatigue, nausea, anxiety and more. A good practitioner can also help reduce other treatment toxicities. I founded a nonprofit Annie Appleseed Project to provide info on evidence-based natural approaches for cancer treatment.

Juicing organic veggies and green apples can help. Many spices reduce cancer issues - especially Turmeric/curcumin. It is KNOWN to block 9 cancer pathways. Many brands are sold online and in healthfood stores. I favor Life Extension Foundation because I know they update the ingredients and were around for me (I found them in 1995) and are online Also swansons vitamins are good prices and online. There are no reimbursements for anything in the natural world. BOO.

AnnieAppleseed, Would it be ok if I put a link to your website to mine under resources

I am always happy to pay it forward when I find good info to help other teal sisters.

That would be great. Consider attending our next conference March 2-4, 2017 in WPB. You could report back to the community with lots of great info. And ORGANIC food.

I understand how you feel. Do worry about the future and what might happen. Live right now and enjoy every moment you have with your family, every pretty day, every holiday and special event. Trust in God, He loves you so and knows our sufferings.

Hi Woodalca:

You posted that you had a chest CT scheduled for this past Tuesday. From two decades of talking with sister late-stage ovarian cancer survivors, I know that not every pleural effusion contains malignant cells. So just wondering if you have more information.

I know that it is easier said than done when folks advise worrying less about the what ifs and waiting for information and to hear what the doctors advise based on the most current tests. But that's what I try my best to do -- even 20 years past by IIIC ovarian cancer diagnosis.

I have been amazed at the longevity and long remissions of women even if they have faced recurrence.

In my original support group, there was one woman who was in a long remission, but once confided that she just "wished the other shoe would drop" so she could stop worrying about recurrence. This prompted a woman who would spend the 22 years in and out of treatment raising her three children through college to (in a funny ha ha way) grab the woman around the neck and say: "Are you crazy? Enjoy your remission!

That prompted all kinds of meaning talk in group and it certainly made an impression on me. I was 39 when diagnosed and my daughter was 4 1/2. She's 25 now and I have made it to 60, which I think is the new 45.

At the ready to hear your update and support you in any way I can.


Carie, I completely understand your fears. I am 3C also. NED just 5 months. I had a bad, months long cold which became bronchitis with shortness of breath and discomfort. Once I started antibiotics the entire mess went away. Not all symptoms indicate a recurrence, but we OC patients cannot help being hyper-vigilant!

I too, worry about recurrence, but the burden of fear became too great. I simply did not have the energy to worry any longer. I surrendered to the MOMENT, in order to go on living without apprehension. I won't tell you to stop worrying, but I can share information to possibly help change your thinking for now.

People say denial is a bad thing. It can be an EXCELLENT COPING SKILL!!!! I just say to myself "I am healthy. I am here NOW. I am enjoying myself" even if I feel like crap because I can fool my brain into a less stressed state. When that happens one's body stops producing cortisol, a stress hormone. I change my thoughts to change my state of being.

I'm sending you love and positive thoughts. Tesla

What's happening with your ca125 number? Mine quadrupled, and that signaled my reoccurrence.

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