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Just diagnosed with Stage 1c3 Ovarian Cancer 5 days ago. Scared

Hello. I live in Illinois and was just diagnosed with Stage 1c3 Ovarian Cancer last wk. Last Monday had a total hysterectomy with removal of lymph nodes, appendix and omentectomy. I am scared to start treatments. I have to have 6 treatments every 3 wks. Don't know the name of drugs yet but will find out this Friday when I go have staples removed. I don't want to be nauseous. I will be having a port put in and am scared of that. Does it hurt to get port put in? I just had my hip replaced this past March. That was a piece of cake compared to this. Any info would be helpful!

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Gay--it is overwhelming to receive news of a cancer diagnosis. You are fortunate in that you were diagnosed as Stage 1c3. Are you having an intraperitoneal port on your lowest rib or a clavicle port? Re nausea ask for Emend. It is a wonderful drug. Not all insurances will pay for it tho. I also took ativan before my chemo days to relax me and help me get a good sleep. Also, acupuncture may help with nausea. Every person is different and you may not become overly nauseous. Your oncologist will tell you what to expect from the drugs you will be given. They will tell you whether you will lose your hair. If so, and you are so inclined, you may want to buy a wig before you start chemo. Good luck!


Hi Gay, having had a total hysterectomy and omentum etc removed, I too was diagnosed with Stage 1C but no grade was give on histology report. Although it was suggestive it was cancer befor the op, all tests and scans were negative. I found the diagnosis overwhelming and frightening. I was especially frightened of having chemo, which in my case is six cycles of carbo/taxol. I had my first one eleven days ago and felt awful between days 3 and 6, mostly due to lack of sleep as a side effect of the steroids. I did feel nauseous and light headed but have not actually been sick. I had a plentiful supply of ginger tea, biscuits etc. I also wore travel sick bands on my wrists during this time. I may have to have a PICC line put in but no decision on that as yet. I know it is difficult when you have a lot to contend with both physically and mentally but just think this treatment will poison any stray cells that my have escaped. You onc will explain fully the side effects and they do tell you the worst case scenario. However, you will probably only suffer from a few of them. They told me the most important thing was to keep an eye on my temperature and stay away from anyone with a possible infection.I went and purchased a wig before treatment started as I have been told my hair will probably fall out after the second cycle.

I hope this helps and good luck with your recovery and treatment.


good Morning Gay,

Try to embrace the treatments as you would a physical therapy or any other means of treatment as a blessing of sorts to getting past this and feeling better.

Having a Port has been truly a blessing for me... as I have very poor veins and it avoids many extra sticks just to get the iv started. They also give you a cocktail to relax you prior to placing the port in. It was senitive to the touch for a couple of days... I had mine put in on a Wednesday and Chemo was started 2 days later on Friday. This too is a + in the treatment of cancer.

Many Chemo Onc will prescribe anti nausea meds for you before you actually start treatment so that you have them on hand. Be sure to ask about them if they are not offered up front. Also their is usually a cocktail of sorts giving through your port that will most likely consist of anti-nausea meds, antihistamine and maybe even a steroid to help minimized any side effects.

Probably the 2 biggest factors in getting through all of this is to drink LOTS AND LOTS OF WATER and keep a good attidude... easier said than done but one thing I know for sure is you have so much of a head start with them catching this at this stage of the disease...

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Hi Gay, truly sorry you find yourself on here, but take heart this site brings HOPE! My situation is similar to yours, diagnosed in July stage 1c2, had full hysterectomy, appendix etc removed. Histology on all biopsies, lymphs, fluid was all clear just the 4cm tumour which was removed in tact. I started 6 cycles of carboplatin 6 weeks after surgery, got number 5 next week. Have coped pretty well on it, just get over tired, no nausea or any other symptoms so am lucky. None of us know what the future will hold, that goes for us all, with or without cancer. Think positive, try and I know its hard not to let it rule your life. We can live with this, my husband was diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer, spread to his liver and lung but is currently in his 6th year remission! I wish you a very hopeful and healthy 2017. xx

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Hi Triplets,

Did you only do the carboplatin with no taxol? My doctor is trying to push just carbo with my insurance company but they are disagreeing. I was diagnosed with ovarian endometroid carcinoma stage 1C because she broke the cyst during surgery. Just wondering what type of cancer you were diagnosed with and if you only did the carboplatin single agent.


Hi I was diagnosed at stage 1c2 as my cyst also ruptured minutes before surgery. My oncologist and surgeon both said that the normal course was carbo and taxol........but the latest findings were showing by having the taxol as well you were only getting an extra 3-5% insurance it wouldn't come back. So it was my decision to go for the carbo only. Was told in March I am NED. x


That is great news about being told you are NED. My insurance company has denied the single carbo treatments saying they will only pay for both carbo and taxol. I chose to go with carbo only as the research I have done shows the same as what you are saying 3-5%. I am forced to pay out of pocket for the treatments but my oncologist feels strongly that 3 treatments will be sufficient. She is trying to get the facility to work with me to help cover some of the bill. Prior to my surgery my CA125 was 409. After surgery prior to first round of chemo it was 128 and after one round of just carbo I'm at 25 now. I completed second round of carbo yesterday. So at this point everything seems to be going in the right direction. You mentioned no nausea. That's the only thing I'm battling. Did they give you anti nausea meds? If so do you recall what type? Thank you for your response.

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I was Stage 1A. Had 2 rounds of chemo (4 weeks in since the start of chemo) so far. Decided to go with Penguin Cold Caps and have held on to 80% of my hair. I took Zofran for nausea for 3 days post chemo including chemo day. I had knee pain from day 3-6 post chemo but was able to control it with Tylenol and Aleve. After both rounds felt almost normal all other days. I go for walks/light jogs and do yoga everyday and have a normal appetite.

Wish you all the very best! Keep a positive attitude and you should be fine!


Hi there,

I am so sorry to hear you are so scared and worried. You are in the middle of the toughest phase so it can only get better bit by bit. I was in your shoes a year ago and was also terrified of the treatments.

People react so differently to treatments, some people carry on working and some rest. You will hopefully be given anti sickness tablets BEFORE they treat you. Their aim nowadays has changed, towards preventing the nausea before you get it so you probably won't feel sick at all, so do not worry. They will send you home with tablets too just in case.

The scariest bit is the Unknown. Once you have had your first day out the way and first week or so that will really ease, as you will know what to expect! Is there anyone you can talk to locally who has been through something similar? I was suggested a 'chemo-buddy' and I cannot tell you what a difference that made! She guided me through things and I her, we supported each other and a firm friendship developed between us. At the moment you may feel like you are on your own with all this? You could ask your local chemo unit for a buddy. But we are all here to help you.

You may have the odd yucky day, and just rest when you have these as they will pass I promise. And what I found helped me the most, was planning nice things on my 'good' days. A treat, or a weekend away, a coffee with a friend, a new hobby or nice meal out. Put these in your diary ahead of time! They will break up your weeks and give you goals to look forward to and plan.

Usually the 2 or 3 days before the next cycle you will really good so make the most of those 3 days!

I hope this helps, you will get through it I promise.

Lots of love xxx


Hi Gay- So sorry you have to go through all of this. Cancer is a frightening word to all of us. I had complete hysterectomy with appendix, omentum, and a few lymph nodes removed last April, similar to you. I could not wait for that tumor to be out of me!! Mine was 21 cm and getting larger by the day. Recover is about 6 week before chemo. You need to heal and rest for now. I had a power port put in and at first I did not like the feel of it but later it was a godsend. Easy chemo and blood draws. I still have it for now.

My biggest problem was constipation from the anti-nausea drugs. You need to drink drink drink water. I cannot stress how important that is! You want to flush the dead CANCER CELLS AND DRUGS OUT OF YOUR ORGANS AND TISSUES. It also helps with constipation. I had problems with the steroids and Benedryl given for allergic reactions. i discussed with my doc and he agreed to let me just have the chemo only on the days I had just the taxol. Was a breeze-had chemo and went right to work. Had all the meds on days I had taxol and carboplatin which gave me problems. Nothing that could not be overcome.

you have a lot to digest right now. your chemo nurses will be a lot of help. Please stay in touch with all of us. We have a lot of combined knowledge that will be helpful to you. Sending you support and hugs from Michigan.



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