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Only The Strong Will Survive

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Hello to all my ovarian cancer sisters..

You are not alone. Im also batttling ovarian cancer just had my uterus,fallopian tubes,ovaries,omentum removed 2 weeks ago. Im 52 years old and live in Inglewood Ca. Its been a rough ride. But im not giving up. And my sister you should not give up either. Put up the good fight. Only the Strong Will Survive. Can I get a wittnes.

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we went through the same time ! Made it to my 52 birthday in hospital! Amen

Hello Cynthia,

I hope all is going well with your recovery. Its a slow process so try to take it easy. We have 6-8 weeks for total recovery God be Willing. I still have 3 more rounds of chemo treatment to go to make sure they got it all. I should be finished every thing by June which is the month of my birthday. Its been a rough journey but I know this journey was for a reason. What state are you in Cynthia ? I'm in Ca. Im so glad I ran across this network and you Cynthia. I wish you all the best. Keep in touch my Ovarian Cancer Sister.

Amen sister.

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Fearlessone in reply to Belsie

Good Morning Belsie.

Glad you joined in today. I hope my words have given you Encouragement along with Empowerment your not along were in this together my Ovarian Caner Sister. Take Care and may God be with you. 😀

I had a parcial hysterectomy in 2007. Doc left ovaries cause I was only 49. During my cancer surgery in March 2016, I had my tubes & ovaries removed, ommemun, appendix, colon resection, & 2 large tumors removed and 2 life ports put it. I had taken 4 chemo treatments to reduce the size of tumours before surgery. Doctor said I would've died on the table if I'd had surgery first. I took 4 more chemical cause surgery didn't get all the cancer. My life port didn't work. Had it removed and a new one put in before I started the chemo after surgery. Had 2 treatments of Avastin. Had too many side effects. Was allergic to Carboplatin, the drug that would've put me in remission. July of 2017, @ routine CT, they came out and said for me to go straight to the hospital, my lungs were full of blood clots. Have been in the hospital multiple times for complications and dehydration. You talk about fighting. Yes ma'am, I am fighting but it is very tiring. I just turned 59. I wish you and all of us the best. It's an uphill battle.

Hello Jenny1958,

I know it's very tiring to keep fighting. I felt the same way. I walked around with this cancer for almost 4 years before finally building up the courage to have my surgery just the chemo treatment along was very very rough. I was also given Carboplatin and Taxol the strongest chemo treatment. I would always say how such a powerful drug do some much damage to a women appearance. I couldn't even look at myself in the mirror without crying. My natural beauty had been strip away from me. My long beautiful hair, skin, nails along with my nice figure . I went into such a deep depression for months. I don't know where I be if it wasn't for my Family and Friends. I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister and grandmother and a good friend. All of this made me fight even more .I would tell myself I will not just give up and throw in the towel. knowing I need my family and they need me too. I want to live to see me grand children grow up. I want to live the best quality of life with my beloved husband. I also would ask myself Who going to take care of my parents ? all of these things came in mind. Everyday I had to tell my self. I'm going to get through this. God is in control and. No weapon formed against me shall prosper. Things started to change day by day. I start feeling better about myself. Start putting back on my make up, start buying some nice wigs, start building up my wardrobe again and also taking my walks. It was an amazing come back for me. I will keep you in my prayers and wish you the best through out this rough journey. Thanks Jenny for sharing your story.

I know it may sound like I want to give up, but that's not true. I Will continue to fight for my family. If it was just me, I'm ready to meet the Lord & I might not fight so hard, but I'm in love with my husband and I want to live and grow old with him. I love my children and grandchildren and my church. I play piano at church. I plan activities for my church ladies. I'm the pastor's wife. I push myself in front of everyone. My husband is the only one who sees me at my best & worst.

As far as hair, that was my best outward asset. I cried when I lost my hair the first time. I've lost it twice now. I'm a brunette but my cousin sent me a blond wig with a dark part. Everyone loves it on me. Losing my hair again is the very least of my worries now.

I do dread the thought of chemo again. It puts me way down. I live each day one at a time, praying always for healing.

Thanks for your encouragement.

Hi Jenny,

Thanks for sharing your story with me. Your a true die hard Warrior. I have 1 question? Did you have any symptoms of blood clots forming in your lungs before your C.T.scan? or was this a total surprise.Its been 2 weeks since my surgery. I'm monitoring myself very closely. I just had some lab work done yesterday.

I see my oncologist on Monday.



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Belsie in reply to Fearlessone

You are an inspiration. I have been on 8 different chemos. I have one more of the one I am on now. Praying and believing with all faith that I will be in remission. God is great. Trust and you will make it through. I can't take long walks now but I will get there, had so much chemo. Thank God my appearance has not changed. However I did loose my hair but it grew back in absolutely beautiful. Now I have a full head of hair. I wil not stop going. I will push through the bad days and know it will be better. I will be in remission soon. To Jesus Christ be the glory. Be faithful. He's got this you are not alone. Belsie

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Fearlessone in reply to Belsie

Hi Belsie,

Thanks for your reply. We will win this battle together. Everyday is a challenge. We never know what to expect. That's where our Faith , Strength and Belief comes in. I will start my treatment next month. Its almost been 3 weeks since my surgery. I'm getting around a little better just started back driving yesterday. I was so happy to get out and get some air. The weather in southern California was so clear and beautiful you can see the valleys, beach water, and the mountains.

It was finally a relief after being in the house for 2 1/2 weeks. My doctor visit went o.k. yesterday. My Ca-125 was up at 71.7 from 26.6 back in January 2017 I was in Panic Mode then. My doctor stated it usually happens after an intense surgery like mine from inflammation. I calm myself down and said to myself. God is in control of all things. I wish you the best and take care.

I sure relate to your story! God bless you, and all of us together!💖

I was also allergic to carbo, then Taxol! I went through "desensitization". They gave me massive steroids and benedryl, then started with 1 drop of carbo. My chemo sessions lasted 12 hours. That saved my life. Carbo was the only IV chemo that worked, combined with Taxol. Then I went on Olaparib, an oral chemo. That was 4 years ago. I've had a CA-125 score of 8 ever since. 10 years ago, I was given 6 months.

Good news to hear!!! Ty for sharing

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REMC in reply to Margiedolly

That’s so awesome and I’m so happy for you!!

No symptoms and wasn't told I was susceptible to blood clots with having cancer either. It was a total surprise. The night before I was playing piano at church and my back was hurting really bad, but I have back problems, so I contributed it to that. The nurse told me the clots were probably moving then. The Lord really took care of me. Sometime they said they moved out of my legs into my lungs. Had NO leg problems either. The blood clots didn't show up till 4 months after surgery.

Fearlessone, did you have any large tumors removed? Did they put in life ports during your surgery?

I had a lot of problems after my surgery. I had tremors and stayed in recovery over 4 hours. I'm allergic to Demerol. That's what they give for the tremors, so I had to tough them out. After I got home, I was in alot of pain. I had to take Oxicodone around the clock. I've never taken much pain medicine in my life and usually have a high pain tolerance. I had 6 needle biopsies on my neck without pain shots, but this pain is the worst I've ever had. I don't even remember my first week and the 2nd week was fuzzy too.

2015 was the worst year of my life. Jan. my close friend died. Feb my mother-in-law got real sick and died, 2 weeks later our great-grandson only lived 2 hours and died. April, I had a scare with my thyroid. I went to my family doctor. He did an ultrsound that day. Sent me 65 miles away to a specialist. He did tests. He said he wouldn't touch me. Sent me 225 miles to a bigger hospital. Saw specialist there. She said it was 35% chance I had thyroid cancer. Thankfully it wasn't, but very large, as big as the doctor's fist on one size, & half that big on the other side. Had it all removed. Had problems find right meds after surgery. Then in Oct. 2015, I had one gallbladder attack. Ended up in ER with another doctor. Did hidascan. Gallbladder working at 10%. Had to come out. Did biopsies. They were cancer. Then this long journey started...

I hope you have a better recovery and no complications. Will you start chemo soon?

Hey J

The pain is something I can't even explain. Going to the doctor this morning will get back on the network when I get back. Have a good day.

Hey Jenny,

I hope all is going well. I did have a very large tumor removed along with my uterus ,fallopian tubes, ovaries, omentum and a whole lot of scar tissue. my surgery was very intense. The procedure was a Total abdominal hysterectomy, bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy,cytoreduction including omentectomy. They didn't leave any life ports inside me from what I know. What they had to do was enough for me. When my husband told me the next day all they had to do while I was in surgery. I was totally overwhelmed and started to cry. That's why till this day I am so grateful to be alive.

Oh yeah let me share this they said I had a urinary tract infection which was totally wrong. All along I had ovarian cancer. What a Bomb Shell that was for me.

I had to Google all those big words. Lol. Although, I'd already had my uterus and cervix removed, we had close to the same surgery. They took my appendix cause it was covered in cancer and did a colon resection cause the tumours had caused a kink in my colon. I kept telling my cancer doctor I needed a colonoscopy. He just thought the constipation was due to chemo. I knew something was wrong. The gastro doc could only go 40cm into my colon cause of the kink. I had to have an emergency barium enema that day. Had it not gone past, I would've needed emergency surgery that day. Before my cancer surgery, the surgeon had an intense talk with me and my husband. He said I might not make it off the table alive. He had us both to sign papers saying we understood that. It was exploratory surgery. Thank the Lord I'm still here a year later.

Hello O.C. Sister

The medical terminology was off the chain. The spell check kept reading an error I had to back to book to make sure they were spelling some of those words correctly But any way. How are you doing? as for me I'm hanging in there. Have a lot of doctors appointments this month. starting chemo #7 on the 31st of this month. along with my Ct scan, lab work ,doctor visit. WoW!!!!! its been a pretty warm today in Cali just laid around in my P.J' all day. Will do a little running around on Thurs.

I have question? did your CA125 go up a little after your surgery? its been 3 weeks since my surgery.

I go to the drs tomorrow. I hope he runs some kind of test on me

Hi Cynthia,

I hope your doctor visit goes well. Stay strong. Take Care.

Hello there.

Just checking in on you.How did your dr.visit go. I hope all went well. Take Care.

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Cynthia18 in reply to Jenny1958

Well I sure am glad you made it off the table!

Don't you just love it when you know what's wrong with you.but to convince the dr 😟😷😈is so frustrating!

I'm so glad Cynthia that I open my eyes after the surgery. I thank God every day and all day. If I hadn't went through what I did I would been around long, You are so right its very frustrating we have to do our research so these doctors know we know about this dangerous silent killer. I would question my doctors all the time to see if they had all the knowledge of different treatment options, ovarian cancers and natural medicine (Herbs) I took some herbs that really help shrink my tumor down. I did that on my own. Doctor was always telling don't take the herbs because it would mess up my chemo treatment. I did what I had to do.

And that is how it is with trying to get a diagnosis with ovarian cancer. I changed primary's 3 times because I felt they didn't hear me. The 3rd was the right person. 19 days after first visit she had to give me the news. I felt bad for her but she was a trooper too. I have confidence in her.

I've had acute bronchitis since starting chemo and then had to have a tooth pulled. I'd like to be able to concentrate on just one thing at a time but there seems to something new every 2 weeks. I feel battered right now. Battered......hhmmm...I think I should make waffles.

Y'all stay brave and strong, blessings to you, Eileen

Hi I don't think it's about being strong, we just DO and that's it.

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Lizchips in reply to Choski

I to believe we must always fight the good fight. To not fight would be a failure and that's not in my reality. I will survive this and you will too. Great attitude.

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Fearlessone in reply to Lizchips

You said it O.C Sister.

We got to put on our boxing gloves and fight like hell. I watch to many who didn't fight and they are no longer here. They just gave up and threw in the towel.

Choski, you're right. It's persistence that kept me in treatment. I just broke every single day into tiny baby steps. I couldn't bear to think about the long road ahead. I just kept focused on things to be grateful for. Like clean, warm sheets, smiles from my son, hot chicken soup, a warm soft hat, comfortable shoes and Netflix!!! I'm fine now. I have no regrets. Chemo and my very skilled surgeon saved me.

You got your witness, I'm Liz 2014 I was diagnosed with stage 3c clear cell ovarian cancer. I'm fortunate to be cancer free still. I enjoy and love my life. I have a great team in Palm springs,CA and at City of Hope, in Duarte, CA. The hardest thing for me is keeping away from sugar. Any tips out there.

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Fearlessone in reply to Lizchips

HI Liz,

I start using Organic Agave It is a low Glycemic sweetener. I use it for cooking and my tea and coffee. What I like about you only need a little. Its good.

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Fearlessone in reply to Lizchips

Hi Liz your lucky. I tried to get in the City Of Hope. They saved my childhood friend. But Kaiser would not do the referral. I wish you the best take care and my God be with you.

Thank you and you. God bless

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Fearlessone in reply to Lizchips

Your Welcome.

Take Care and stay Blessed.

Hello to all my Teal Green Sisters out there. I hope all has been well for all of you. As we come together to battle this terrible silent killer in women, Stay Strong, Stay positive, and Stress Free, I'm going to chemo #7 today. Its my quite time now .So I wish all of you the best and always remember Only The Strong Will Survive

Amen. I just re-started chemo Wed. and now feel like I have the flu plus the skin burning thing. But I'm planning to move [sure, why not deal with another challenge] while I'm at it. That is a bear of a surgery but you just hunker down and rest a lot. Eat whatever you can and don't get constipated. Prune juice and wild cherry milk of magnesium were my best friends. Have faith that this too shall pass, and in about 4 weeks you'll know for sure that you'll get thru it.

Blessings to you, Eileen

It's more about "DOING" than "being strong".

We just have to get on with it .


Woo hoo! Stage 4, all messed up, no remission in sight but F it! Not going anywhere as long as I can keep my sense of humor and I had to leave my home behind in Florida!!! God bless us all at all stages!!!

So at today's appt, found out I will be needing the stint to the kidney because it's blocked with.............cancer. It joins the liver in the march to try to beat me down. Started new set of chemo, carbo and abraxane, along with varubi, dexamethasone, decadron IV, sustol. No wonder I feel toxic. Or like a drug store.

Glad to hear you are doing well. How is your recovery? I will be having my Ovaries removed. I did my tubes, during my last C-section.

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