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This brightened my day

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Many years ago our friends gave us a cutting of a really ugly looking plant. It’s about 15 years old now. I kind of neglected it and put it on our balcony as a misfit house plant. Anyway to our amazement this flower has been maturing over a couple of weeks and it’s just magnificent. It’s as big as my hand. No fragrance but beautiful. I hope it cheers you all up……taking my mind off MBC. Have a good weekend.

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Cheryl definitely cheers me up. I love flowers and plants.....breathing life and energy into the world. Thanks for you have any idea what it is.....some sort of trumpeter shape. Beautiful. The weather is gorgeous here and I just returned from my bike ride......all is good. Have a wonderful weekend too.


Hi Sandra. Glad you managed another bike ride. Good for the soul. Have no idea what it is called. It was originated from Finland. Just lovely. Will talk soon. Cheryl

Great you’re on the bike again Sandra!

Cheryl, I just peeked at the board, which unfortunately I don't do as often as I should, but was *so* happy to see your photo of that flower! And I loved the backstory, which I'm reading as a metaphor for something good... :) Thanks for sharing! Lynn

Thank you for this photo. It is beautiful with such a vibrant color. Did you ever find out the name of the plant?

Thank you. I have found the name now by other lovelies on here. Thank you all xx

Hi Cheryl thanks for the wonderfully colourful photo. How you manage to grow so many tropical looking plants I don’t know. Hope you are well?Clare x

Cheers Clare. It really surprised us I must say. It’s going over now but it was beautiful. All good here. Had my scan done a week ago but have to wait another two weeks for results. I try not to think about it to much and throw myself into growing etc. Hope you are keeping ok across the way. Best wishes as always xx

Horrible waiting game for you, especially when the results are probably on the computer within a week.I am fine. Our house is on the market now which is a bit stressful, especially when I can’t remember where I have put things trying to be tidy. Had the vacuum cleaner in my car the other day.

I have just heard that my Oncologists decision to not scan us has been changed after Christie’s got involved. So, at last I get to have a scan every 6-8 months.

Keep those fingers green Cheryl

Clare x

I know Clare. My Oncologist told me he gets them back within a week. It’s only a phone call with results. Not as if I’m going to the hospital.Glad your having a scan scheduled. Doesn’t it make you wonder what it’s all about.

I hope your house sells quickly. We don’t need stress do we? I have moved so many times I have lost count. We are here to stay now. I can never remember where I have put things. We have been here 4 years and my car boot still has things in it from the move. They can’t be important so I think they should be binned. Hubby and his possessions 😉.

Had Dental treatment Thursday. At last and after months of pain. The dentist is trying to save the tooth due to the meds I’m on and the Osteonecrosis problem. It still hurts so I don’t know what will happen when I go back in two weeks. I didn’t have my Denosumab injection Wednesday in case (and so it goes on).

Enjoy the rest of the weekend. It’s really hot here. I’m sure it’s the same for you.

Best wishes


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girlsptz in reply to BellaE

Sorry Clare...this caught my scanning decision? What do you mean by that?


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BellaE in reply to girlsptz

My Oncologist decided over a year ago that the stable patients would not have any regular scans (unless needed). It was something she was “trialling”, and would rely on our symptoms and blood work only.After 7 months I told them I had new pain, which I thought I managed to convince myself into, so they gave me a scan.

I am not sure why she decided to stop the scans, either a finance thing or to do with Covid.

They liaise with Manchester who have obviously said, wtf are you doing woman, get those people scanned. So we are back on track with 6-8 monthly scans. They tried to back track and say that they had said we would have annual scans but they didn’t. I remember kicking up a big stink at the time, but my Onc went off sick for a long time and my Nurse wasn’t really budging on her decision.

It’s difficult living in the back of beyond with no major Cancer centre available to us, we just hope we are getting the right treatment, which is why this site is so helpful as well.


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girlsptz in reply to BellaE

Wow that's stressful. I'm glad they have reversed their decision. Even though I think how we feel is important, I think scans tell the real story. Not sure how important labs really are. Hopefully they will stay on your current routine for scanning. Thanks for explaining it.


It's really beautiful

Someone told me it's a Christmas cactus? I know absolutely nothing so I don't know if that's right or not

Hi, no it’s much larger than a Christmas Cacti flower. Ladies here on here have kindly checked it out and apparently it’s an Orchid Cacti. How good is that xx……

Well at least now you know.

Hi Cheryl,

Thanks for the interesting photo! I googled "Christmas cacti" on Wikipedia. It looks closest to "Schlumbergera × buckleyi", but the flower is definitely much larger than the flowers of the common plant. Perhaps, it is a hybrid??



This looks like a type of cactus my grandmother had. Ignoring it was probably the best thing you could do. She lived in Northern Ontario and would set it in the garden in summer. Check cactuses!

Checked them and yes it’s an Orchid Cacti. Thanks everyone for your help.

Just lovely as all of your plants are. It's so nice to have someone with a green thumb share with us. Blessings, Hannah

Thanks Hannah. Hope you are ok.

This is beautiful! I just looked in my plant ID app— it is a Orchid Cactus, which you probably already know! Cindi

Thanks for the info! It makes excellent sense that the large flower belongs to an orchid cactus.



I didn’t Cindi. Thank you so much for letting me know. I will tell my friend with the parent plant. X

Your help really helped. Thank you.

I took one look and thought, "Christmas cactus." The leaves, definitely. The flower looks like a variety. As someone said, they do like to be neglected; we set them aside, give them enough water to survive (or leave them in water; they are fine living in a water glass), then bring them out at Christmas so they can bloo.

Wow, just stunning! The patient gardener! Hope you’re doing okay. x

Thank you. All ok. Just waiting for scan results. Another anxious two weeks to wait. Hope you are feeling well. X

Cheryl I am wishing you wonderful stable results from your scans. I'm sorry you have to wait 2 weeks to get scan results.....I get mine the next day and that is too long a wait. I will be thinking of you.


Thank you Sandra.

Good to hear you’re okay. I usually have a long wait too. I’ve even been known to call the BC nurses to get results. 😉 I’m hobbling off to the hospital today for a scan and they are going to fast track the results. I was reading in the covering appointment letter that the results are usually with the doctor within two days. We just have to slot into the system and wait it out 😞 I hope the results are what you are hoping for. 🤞

Yours to. My Oncologist said he has the results back in a week but it’s a case of him having the time to speak to me. They are so busy at our Cancer Hospital. Unbelievable really. I’m glad you don’t have the wait. Best wishes.

Love it!! Beautiful!! Thanks for sharing!

Always rewarding to find a bloom .

I have one of these too. The flower on mine is a soft pink. When it does bloom. And only lasts a few days. Your post has brightened my day too. Thank you.

That’s great you have one also but a different colour. I was thrilled when I saw it and it lasted around 8days. It was in a cool place. I would love to see a picture of yours when it blooms. Take care. Cheryl

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