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Is Cannabis useful for mbc patients?


I don't know if anyone of you are interested in watching a video on the history and the nature of Cannabis. It is quite a long video and I haven't watched all of it but it is certainly very educational. If you want to watch the documentary video called The God Plant here is the link.

Hope this helps all of us who are considering use of Cannabis to understand more about the Cannabis plant and why some people claim it is an important healer. I think the use of this plant might increase our options to heal and provide quality of life. I am considering adding it to my drug regime. Hugs Marlene

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Thx so much for posting this!

I am happy to know that the video was helpful. Hugs Marlene

I find cannabis products very helpful. I take cbd drops after chemo. I also like the cannabis infused drinks.

Too bad about the video. People’s might find it educational.

Hi Gwennie,

I have also just started getting seriously interested in adding cbd to my drug regime My friend gave me a batch of marijuana infused olive oil and I take it daily. But I want to get more of my cbd pills. Don't know if our dispensaries are open yet. I will likely always take it before bed time - most of the time anyway, to help with sleep. I am happy you received benefit from the video. Hugs Marlene

I watched it yesterday on Amazon Prime. Really good! I have been using Med marijuana for three months now. Sooo much better than opiods! So happy I have included it in my treatment.

So happy to hear that you are feeling better with medical marijuana. added to your treatments. I agree that they are probably better and safer than opiods. The video is very informative and I keep hearing and reading and watching videos that support the healing properties of cannabis. My husband worked with a man who stuttered badly but when he smoked a joint the stuttering stopped almost immediately. That in itself says the drug is powerful and useful. Sound like it affected his nervous system and calmed it down. Hugs Marlene

I have an 20 year old son who is challenged with severe autism and minimally verbal. I have been trying to convince his medical team to wean him off of all the psychotropic meds and try just marijuana. I have seen wonders with others and I feel like it can make a difference for him without the horrible side effects of the pills.

Hi Dancerd1000,

Yes, I think it would be wise to at least try the marijuana for your son instead of the psychotropic drugs. There seems to be more and more evidence that Marijuana helps with autism and related disorders. However, you definitely want to get the right dosage. Maybe you could ask a naturopathic doctor if you can find a very reputable one. Let me know if you find someone to help you with this decision. Hugs to you and your son. Marlene

Thank you for this information. I will always use quality certified herb, and supplement compounds from God' green earth, before I would ever take a pharmaceutical drug. I have a cousin who has just started taking CBD oil for prostate cancer.

That is important information. Because prostate cancer is as deadly as any of the other cancers. I hope your cousin does well and recovers his or/her health. Hugs Marlene

Thank you I pray the same for him.

i am a proponent of medical marijuana; this arose with the metastatic diagnosis in July 2015. i have carried a license since the mets dx. i have learned what works for this body, for side effects, collateral damage, and overall health and well being. an aside, i've followed research for medical microdosing mushrooms (psilocybin), also.