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Still asymptomatic so on we go

Saw my oncologist this morning after usual blood tests. It seems that despite having a liver met and the fact that CA125 marker is up to over 300 while the Ca15-3 and CEA are both a bit down to the mid 200s she is satisfied that I am showing no symptoms of having cancer - so another 3 months on letrozole as an oestrogen precaution and then we look again.

A bit of a roller coaster in spite of things seeming to go well - I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop! But am so thankful that I can continue with my life with very little problem other than being quite tired by the time bedtime calls.

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Bless you and continued succes with your treatments! So happy you received good news! Love, Marianne

Hi Izzy

Those markers are so unreliable..I’ve fretted over mine for some time

I’ve just discovered today that taking biotin can give false marker levels..nobody told me that and I’ve been taking it lately for my nails and hair!!

I think if your oncologist is happy so should you be..I hope I’m going to be like you

Barb xx

Happy to hear that your treatment is going so well. I just switched oncologists and my new oncologist doesn't do markers regularly. For me, they don't seem to correlate with progression of disease.

Hi Izzy,

That's good news about how you are asymptomatic. Let's hope that you continue this way! I hear so much about tumour markers, but my oncologist has never once mentioned them.

Take care,

Sophie ❤

So the liver tumor is still there, but not growing or causing symptoms? I guess your oncologist isn't relying on tumor markers, or maybe the tumor markers are stable even though out of "normal" range so she doesn't see any issues in changing your current treatment. Has she told you about signs to look for if your tumor starts acting up? Having stable disease is a very good thing. We can all live with stable cancer for a long, long time and live out our natural lifespans carrying cancer tumors in our bodies. As long as the cancer cells act reasonably well, I'm fine with having them in my body. I hope your stress level is low and you're able to enjoy living!

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