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Good scans spreading good news


Hello all, it's been a while. To recap, I'm on Ibrance, Letrozole and a monthly shot of lupron for liver mets. My 3 month scans showed minimal shrinkage of the tumor in my liver, but all my numbers were going down. Just had my 6 month scan and there is a huge shrinkage of the tumor. It seemed the tumor was dying form the inside out, so the measurements didn't change much at the first scan, but now the "dying" tumor is showing a considerable decrease. As long as all numbers go down I think you can consider things working. I also feel you need to give the meds some time to kick in. I'm not sure when or how they determine when the meds stop working and when to switch drugs but I'm glad I can see results and hoping to spread some hope and good will to all :)

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Congrats on your great scan results. Ibrance and letrozole have worked on me for 18 months so far. I have bone mets but I have a friend with liver mets. She has just passed 36 months on our same drugs and doing excellent. She is not on lupren. She lives in Mississippi and I live in Alabama. Keep a positive attitude and live for the cure!

Terilyn12 in reply to Susan1953

Thank you for that!!! Any good news just makes this all a little easier

Susan1953 in reply to Terilyn12

I hope that you are doing well. There is always someone in this group that can relate to your concerns.

Hi Susan ! Glad to hear ibrance and Letrozole are still working for you as I am a few months behind you (11 cycles so far ) and so far going ok . I think we are very similar as I was diagnosed with ductal Breast cancer in late 2017 and bone mets (to pelvis) more or less straight away . I don’t have any pain from the bone mets and am currently N.E.D. I am not yet on a bone strengthener but onc is keeping options open for the future. I am not currently taking any supplements , am vegetarian (not vegan) and fairly active . But it is always good to hear of others good results and to learn from them . So thanks and keep doing well x

Thanks Teddie, I was dx in April 2017 with bone mets from the get go. My breast cancer was not seen on a 3D mammagram 5 months before it was discovered. I had bone mets in several places (spine, shoulder, femur, pelvis) that never caused any discomfort. I am handling the medications with very few side effects. It seems that we are very similar in our journey. Keep doing well and live for the cure!

Obig in reply to Susan1953

You are still on Ibrance even though you have liver Mets? Were you ever NED? I am asking because my scans show no evidence of progression, but my tumor markers keep going up. My oncologist wants to switch me to Verzenio and Faslodex , but i am hoping to get a 2nd opinion. Yes, we all need to keep a positive attitude!!

lashinator in reply to Obig

I'm not sure why you think Ibrance isnt good for liver mets. ?

Great news!

That is really exciting!!!!!!!


You are so right, any small victory for one is a victory for all of us. Keep going strong!

Hi all, these are great news. I am also on Ibrance, letrozole, Zoladex and Zometa. I was diagnosed with mbc in bones back in May 18. I am waiting on the results of my first CT scan after treatment and I am also hoping for good results. My CA153 is now within normal levels and all bloods are good.

I found the following article that certain foods like (barley, wheat etc) and rich in estrogen compounds can interfere with Ibrance's performance so worth having a look!

All the best to everyone! Xx

Terilyn12 in reply to Evaf

That article is amazing

Great news and a reminder not to lose hope!!! Gd bless!

Greetings: Sister/Warrior this is greatttttttttttttt news. I/We are praying for the same outcomes for our other sister/warriors. Yessssssssss C-E-L-E-B-R-A-T-E. I hope you are dancing. Throw your hands up in praise, and shake what your momma gave you. Forgive me Lord. (LOL)

Thank you so much for sharing the good news. We all love to hear that. Congrats and hope it continues.

This is great news!!! Keep it coming!!!! My metastatic breast cancer just spread again to my lower spinal vertebrae. 2 years ago i had my first metastasis of Thoracic spine. I am going to have 5 stereotactic radiations and then most probably adding Ibrance to my letrozole. How r u tolerating the Ibrance?

Best Lori

WOW!! Such great news!!! It lifts ALL our spirits!! ❤️🍾❤️🍾❤️🍾❤️🍾❤️🍾❤️🍾❤️🍾❤️

I am so happy for you. Nothing better than hearing things are shrinking. Hope it keeps up👍❤️

It is a nice way to start my day - hearing such good news! I appreciate you sharing it with us!

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