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PET Scans


I've seen some of you mention the various scans and am curious about how often/when you get PET scans. After I was diagnosed following a PET scan back in October, my doctor said that Medicare only allows 4 PET scans in your lifetime so she would hold off as long as she could before doing another one. A CT scan 3 months ago showed a possible new something in my liver and then in March my CA 27.29 marker went up slightly and she said if it remained up she would do a PET. Thankfully it was back down in April and she didn't mention the PET again. Anyway, I'm curious if others have heard of a Medicare limit and how often/when you get PET scans.

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I had scans after about 3 months of treatment. Now after 14 years, I only have scans when there is a symptom we need to figure out. There have been periods of stability when I've gone over 3 years with no scans.

I had Two last year and one this year. Having one in June. Do not know if Medicare has limit. My doctor checks to be sure they will be paid before she orders one. She said Medicare cover for cancer diag. Hope so!

I was dia Feb 2018 with Mets, 6 tumors - liver; 2 tumors - spine. I have had a PET every 3 months. Getting ready for my 6th PET on the 31st. I actually pushed this last PET to 4 months. I have been NED since Aug 2017. My Doc thinks PETs are the best to see progression, and as long as my insurance will pay. I was told each PET is equal to 100 xrays....but that is the least of my worries.

Can you get supplemental insurance and if so will that pay for them? She is in my prayers.

I do have Medicare first, then blsh so Maybe they will cover my next scan in June.

I was diagnosedin June 2017 and i've had a PET-Scan every 90 days.

Thanks to everyone for your responses. Did a little googling and found that prior to 2013 MC only allowed 1 PET. In 2013 it was changed to 3 additional PET scans after the initial diagnosis, with possibility of requesting permission for more. That is based on interpretation of some legalistic MC language and comments from people on Cancer Network.

I do have supplemental insurance, but, strange as it seems, supplements only cover things that Medicare covers. If MC doesn't cover something, the supplement doesn't. I learned this when I worked in a medical billing office for a few years. My supplement is a good one, and has covered all my hospitalization charges last year and my ongoing treatment. I never even see a doctor bill, just the MC and supplement EOBs.

Wow only 4 in a lifetime? Will they cover cat scans, MRIs, and bone scans? That's what I get, I've never had a PET scan. I'm covered under my husband's employer health plan.

Yes, they have covered MRI, CT and bone scans, along with the one PET I had in October around diagnosis time. It was just the PET that the doctor mentioned is limited. That is scary--it's so wrong of our system to put financial concerns ahead of health care.

I agree. I suspect that cost has to do with why I didn't get PET scans from the start.

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My cat scans I only pay like 20 bucks. However won’t pay for Pet except for one time. I rather just get cat, I already know where it is and I will have a hard time reaching NED. My spine is covered with tumors , so I just want them to stay stable at this point.

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