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Newly diagnosed Stage 4 with mets to liver and bones

I am new to this as I was diagnosed Stage 4 from the start with mets to my liver and bones. I switched treatment centers and my oncologist to Mayo in Rochester. I was previously just on Herceptin every three weeks with really no side effects. Mayo is starting me on Herceptin and Perjeta every three weeks and Taxol every week. I am ER, PR and HER2 positive. I just turned 50 and was premenopausal yet so I am receiving the Zoladex shot to put me in menopause. I have been reading that Taxol has some side effects that can be difficult for some, diarrhea and neuropathy. Please share your experiences with this combo and suggestions to help with the side effects, food that helps, supplements that I can take that will help that I can run through my oncologist.

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Welcome. This is a really great group of strong women. I am 52 and was diagnosed in Feb 2017 with ER, PR + HER2-, 6 spots on liver two in spine. I started at first oncologist and completed three months of IV dose dense Adriamycin and cytoxan chemotherapy every other week. 2nd opinion at Mayo - Phoenix and am now on Ibrance, letrozole, and zometa. We have so much hope for good treatment. The beginning was extremely emotional. I have a great support from my family and friends ...but I was hard pressed to find a local support group with any Stage 4 members. It took me 7 months to happen upon this sight and what a great land. Just wish I would have found is sooner. I am blessed, I have been NED since Aug 2017.

My mother-in-law taught me to live life to fullest and make everyday count. She lost her battle with cancer Dec 21,2017 after 20 years.


Take glutamine to prevent neuropathy with taxol. My oncologist told me to do that. Hope this helps sorry you were dxd stage 4 out the gate. Glad you have found a good treatment center


I haven't received any of those drugs with the exception of Taxol and that was when I was first diagnosed in 2002. I started with 4 rounds of AC and then 4 rounds of Taxol and it was a piece of cake compared to the AC. I had no side effects from the Taxol. Best of luck to you.


I will be 50 in August, same diagnosis as you thus far liver only, but who knows. I am on IBrance and Letrozole. I've been feeling ok, more fearful of time running out on me more than anything. I've been taking 5,000 mcg of biotin daily to help keep my hair, but that seems to be a loosing battle. I have some swelling in my joints and hands, I take Tylenol for that. I'm staying active and looking for ways to focus on day to day life and not think about the future.

Stay positive!


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