Afintor antibiotics, jaw pain ???

Although I'm new to posting on this site I found it encouraging and informative. Diagnosed with stage 3 breasr cancer 2012. In 2014 I was told it had metastasized to the bones. Took Ibrance for 2 yrs. I'm now taking Afintor 7.5 and Amomasin 25 mg. My doctor refuses to allow me to take any type of antibiotics. I am having a tooth pulled and will need them after. If I take them she will stop cancer meds until the dosage is through. I am wondering if anyone as been told the same thing. Second I'm wondering if anyone has experienced jaw pain while taking either of these ?

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  • Wow that’s interesting. I was told I can’t take zombeta until my teeth are in order. I had a tooth pulled last week and I’m not antibodies.

  • I hope you are not on any bone strengthing medications. Most dentists would not do an extraction if you are as you are at increased risk of osteonecrosis of the jaw. I have not specifically heard of holding treatment while having a dental extraction done. It seems okay however to do this especially if the medications is affecting your counts.

  • My doctor took me off xevga. I was having problems with my teeth healing. I have been on bone building meds. since 2012. My endo surgeon told me he has seen more cases of osteonecrosis than ever before. Not only from cancer patients but from women who have takken meds. for bone strengh and loss. Anyone else told they can't continue treatment if they take an antibiotics.

  • Sarah, I have had a lot of issues with my mouth the last few years. I now am off Exgeva and won't be able to take bone meds again. I have been on Afinitor about 3 years. I now have a small are of jaw bone in between my teeth that is exposed and has died. My oncologist always took me off Xgeva for any work on my mouth but only took me off the Afinitor for a month while some major work was being done. So, yes, it is common to go off meds for dental work. I don't understand why your doctor won't give you antibiotics although my periodontist did. My tumor markers have been going up since January but I did notice a drop in the numbers when I was on antibiotics. So maybe she is afraid that the antibiotics interferes with the Ibrance or Afinitor?

    Hope this helps!

  • I've not been on Afinitor but was on Ibrance for 9 cycles and was not told anything about dental issues from Ibrance. The bone drugs that those of us with bone mets take, drugs like the bisphonates Zometa and Aridia, and the newer med Xgeva, do come with a warning about invasive dental work. I believe that it is pretty typical now to be told to have any needed dental work done before starting those bone meds, and to go off them for 3 months, if possible, before invasive dental work, like extractions, and 3 months after. Frequency has been lessened since I started on Zometa in mid 2004, not long before info about osteonecrosis of the jaw became more well known. It's my impression that oncs and dentists vary in their recommendations. I means that oncs vary and dentists also vary. Before the bone drugs, people with mbc and bone mets only would die when the bones started fracturing and mobility was impaired and the people would develop pneumonia and die from that. The bone drugs really changed prognosis for those of us with bone mets and enabled us to live much longer and with better mobility and quality of life. I don't know if there is research backing this up, but I have been told that those of us who have a history of good dental care have a reduced risk of ONJ. I had a molar extracted after several Zometa treatments before the risk of ONJ was well known, and had no trouble. I am having keyboard issues right now, some keys not working so I have to pick another going to stop

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