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Quesey stomach and slight headache

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I was taking 125 Ibrance for 3 months and my doctor lowered the dose to 100, along with Xgeva and Faslodex injections. I was feeling pretty good but for the past several days I wake up with a sick stomach and dull headache. In addition I am more tired than usual. Wondering if anyone has experience these symptoms after 3 months of treatments. Worried because I'm having my first scan on Thursday, hopefully this doesn't mean more cancer! Kathy

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I've been on Ibrance over 3 years, 125mg. Sometimes I'm exhausted, and sometimes I feel fine. Luckily I am not prone to headaches, so haven't had that side effect. I was recently switched from letrozole to faslodex shots. I have to say, except for the fact I spend almost an entire day traveling to get the shot, I feel better on faslodex than letrozole. A lot less joint and muscle pain. I don't have any experience with Xgeva, so cannot speak to that. Do you take the Ibrance with food? I quickly looked up Xgeva, which has (as all these meds do) a lot of possible side effects, but headache isn't one of them. Do you have labs drawn regularly? I'd ask your doctor about the headaches. Maybe there's a clue in your lab work. Ibrance can knock the h$ll out of your wbcs. I wouldn't necessarily worry that these symptoms mean more cancer. Of course, we are all hypervigilant about changes and it causes a lot of anxiety. it probably has to do with the meds. Let us know what your doctor says. Take a deep breath. If the meds are keeping the cancer quiet, we can find a way to deal with the side effects.

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Nrocks , I have been on ibrance for 5 months, but was amazed to hear you are on it for 3 years at 125 , that is great if it’s still working. Why did they switch you from letrozole to Faslodex, also when were you diagnosed and what type of cancer ? If you wouldn’t mind sharing, it’s good to see so many people successful for a long time on current treatments. Keep up the good work. I was diagnosed in March of this year with breast cancer and Mets to bones. This is my first line of treatment and so far markers are down but waiting for scans at the end of September.

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Hi Nrocks ,

I am so glad about your successful . Its so good to see people successful for a long time .

I was diagnosed in March 2017 with breast cancer and Mets to bones , at age 41 .

I am post - menopausal after ovarians surgery . My type of cancer is HR+ , HER 2 - neg .

I have been on Ibrance ( palbociclib ) 100 plus Letrozole cycles - first line . Markers are down till now .

My last Pet CT from August diagnosed , may be , a new L3 and sacrum mets . The doctors are not absolutely sure ! So , I have to wait 3 months till a new PetCt .

Meanwhile the doctor suggests to put me on Faslodex instead of Letrozole .

Can you explain why you switched from letrozole to faslodex shots ? How your doctor know that letrozole is not good for you any more ?

If you wouldn't mind sharing this explanation .

Thank you so much ,


Yes, I'm on 75 mg of Ibrance, Faslodex and Xgeva. I sometimes wake up after 8-9 hours of sleep and am still tired, some days after 6-7 I"m raring to go. Seems to be a crapshoot. But, I've had nausea and headaches and, and, and, other symptoms, side effects. Interestingly enough, the cancer has not really caused me much pain or problem, but the side effects from the meds sure have. ??

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Don't know how I missed this, sorry. I am postmenopausal, so the first hormone blocker used is letrozole. This summer CT scans showed no new lesions, but 3 in my lungs got a little bigger. So she deduced that the Ibrance is working, but letrozole not as effective. From what I understand, faslodex is stronger. I feel better on faslodex -- the muscle and joint pain/stiffness is significantly diminished. I guess we'll know with my next scans.

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Hi dear Nrocks ,

Thank you for your replay .

If you wouldn't mind sharing , when were you diagnosed first time , what type of cancer was your case :

HR+ , HER2 - ?

HR- , HER2 + ?

Thank's a lot and keep up the good work !

Love ,


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Dx'd July 2014 HR+ HER- with mets to both lungs.

Hi Klamato. I’ve been on 100 Ibrance and Letrozole for over 2 years. My doctor said that side effects are often an indication that the meds are working! I too changed to 100 after 3 months because I was getting dizzy on 125 of Ibrance (and Letrozole). Slight queasiness is common. Any chance you also don’t have a taste for coffee? I wake up with a headache when I didn’t have my usual two cups the day before. Pay some attention to possible side effects and let your doctor know, but i’ve had some success treating symptoms as though I weren’t on cancer meds. Morning latte (or caffeinated tea) and toast helps me!!

I do take Zofran also, but my white blood cells are low causing some headache and/ or nausea. Thx for your input. Kathy

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