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Hi. It's Geri. Saw my onc today. I've been on Ibrance and Letrozole with monthly Xgeva injections since April. Had bone scan and CT in March and recently in August. Showed some mild progression in SI area and a possible new spot in upper lumbar spine. I have numerous mets throughout my torso which appear to be stable. Doctor gave two options. 1)continue on above and re-scan in two months or 2) change to Faslodex and continue Xgeva. I would prefer to give Ibrance a little longer but was wondering if any others out there have stayed on it after finding some mild progression? Hard decision!

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Can you get more input from another Oncologist? These decisions are hard to make on your own. We're not doctors. How do we know what to do? I would search for a medical person/s to discuss this with.

Waiting 8 more weeks doesn't sound all that bad. What does your gut tell you?

Decisions, decisions... Good luck! Kats2


How are you doing, Geri? Have you made up your mind?


For now I have decided to stay with the Ibrance/Letrozole and re-scan in two months. I am also having my daughter (who is an oncology research nurse) check with her oncologist and radiologist for their opinions. Unfortunately no one has a crystal ball and navigating this MBC treatment is like being on a roller coaster! I am just hoping for a long smooth ride. Best wishes to all.


Wish you the best! Pray for you.

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Best to you.


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