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New Oncologist Continued


I had posted that I had to seek a new oncologist as mine died unexpectedly. I had been with him for seven years. I sought opinions from several resources and decided to stay with the same hospital/practice. I chose an oncologist that has been with Magee Women's Hospital for over 20 years. He knew my oncologist well and that was encouraging to me. He specializes in metastatic breast cancer and has a clinical trial for triple negative cancer, which I am almost triple negative; I feel as if he is dedicated to advancements in metastatic breast cancer and looking at the most current research. He gave me his email address and told me to contact him at any time. I did once, so far, and he answered me right away! He also completed a Guardian360 blood test, which I will receive the results within two weeks. I particularly connected to his Physicians Assistant, as she talked to me A LOT and answered all of my questions with honesty and candor. As a result, I feel as if the transition will be a good one and am optimistic about my treatment with him and his staff!

I will stay on the aribulin/halaven with scans in early June. So far my tumor markers have been decreasing and I am feeling pretty good.

I have my good "hours" and not so good "hours". Boy, life is different when you have metastatic cancer!

I am working on doing the best I can by seeking counseling, meditating, acupuncture, connecting with the God of my understanding and made some adjustments to my diet. I certainly am doing better than my initial diagnosis in July 2016. For those newly diagnose, this may be encouraging to them.

I appreciate the support I receive from Share/HealthUnlocked and keep all of you in my prayers!

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I am so glad that you like your new Oncologist and PA. That means so much. Prayers. I also have Stage IV Metastatic Breast Cancer and have had for 3 years. It is definitely a roller coaster ride. God Bless you.

Great to hear finding a new oncologist went smoothly for u!


Hi Barbara-Aschner thanks for the update! Glad to hear things are going well with the new oncologist- I'll continue to keep you in my thoughts!

Glad youre doi g better. I was dx metastatic Feb 2016 and it's been a little over a year and I'm doing better too. There is nothing like having good repoire with your doctors.Blessings.

Wow, so glad you were able to find a new Dr you feel comfortable with. He sounds like he's on top of the issues. I really feel sometimes that the Dr just writes things off to, well you are stage iv, so what do you expect. I'm heading out for bone scan and Ct today.

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Dear Petreep

The way I look at it your relationship with your oncologist is one of the most important ones in your life. It is horrible enough to have metastatic breast cancer and you don’t need to hear or feel “what do you expect.” I expect my dr to care about me and my feelings and not add to the fear and isolation I already feel. I hope this person is a clinical genius because I don’t think I could deal with that. Not everyone should be in this field.

So happy for you that you have found what appears to be a great oncologist.

Barbara Aschner/Warrior you are truly positively proactive.God's continued blessings on your journey to health and wellness.

Hi Barbara! Sounds like we have the same oncologist ( Dr. Brufsky) at Magee Hospital. I email him any time with concerns and he gets back to me within an hour! He really is on the leading edge of technology!

Thank you so much for letting me know that. He told me that that is the best way to contact him but it sure is nice to have reassurance.

Barbara, I meant to say Dr. Brufsky is on the leading edge of metastatic cancer treatment. He is so positive and upbeat and says he has so many treatments when /if others fail. God bless you in your journey. We probably cross paths in his office. I'm there once a month.

I am there fridays with third Friday off. I hope our paths do cross and glad to hear the optimistic mannerisms of dr brufsky. Thank you.

Barbara, it's good to know that you feel confident in your new situation. Let us know about your Guardant Health test results. I had the test in January and have four variations of a mutated tp53. It is normally a tumor suppressor gene which can be mutated in up to 40% of cancers in general. Good luck with your scans! Many hugs, Joan

That is very interesting Joan. I was encouraged that my new doctor conducted the Guardant 360 test upon my first visit with him. I have not yet received the results but will certainly let the group know when I receive them.

Did the findings of the test make a difference in your care/treatment?

I was lucky to have the place where I worked offer this to me and I did it. Showed some promise that I was on the right track as far as treatment type was concerned. My doctor did not use it to determine treatment as the test was done after we began. The test was given to specialist who provided their input on what the results meant. I was given a doctor, a counselor and contact with them anytime I had questions. This test really set my mind at ease.

I lived in Pittsburgh (North Hills) for 3 years, loved it there, and heard really good things about Magee! Lots of good medical resources in Pittsburgh! If there isn't a support group specifically for women with MBC, Pittsburgh is certainly large enough to have enough women with mbc to get one going. If the social workers or chaplains at Magee aren't interested in that, the YWCA might be. The Metastatic BC Network has info on their website about starting a support group.

Komen Pittsburgh hosted a symposium for metastatic bc this past weekend and there was division on creating a support group for us in the fall.

I do feel fortunate to be treated at Magee. Thank you!

Hi Barbara, I am so happy that you have found that your new Oncologist has worked out so well for you. That is a very difficult transition to make. I understand how difficult it is as I am moving and I have to find a new oncologist as well. Thanks to HU I have several good references.

Wishing you the very best. God bless.

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