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Amazing Oncologist Report!

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My husband and I were terrified when we arrived at my Oncologist's office today to go over my PET Scan from last week. I've only been able to take a limited amount of Verzenio 125mg because of the horrific side effects, got switched to a lower dosage and still had to stop, then on to Ibrance 125 mg. My WBC count dropped too low, so we skipped a few days and then started on 100 mg. 21 day cycle on the Ibrance. The last cycle sent me to the ER on day 10 with heart attack like symptoms. Mid-cycle is rough. Then I caught the flu, turned into pneumonia and bronchitis and I've fought that for 6 weeks on only antibiotics and now steriods to knock it out! So my meds have not been consistent at all for my first 4 months. Well, my Oncologist was stunned at the drastic reduction in my few tumors. They are now only in a tiny section of my chest wall and ribs on the left side. Nothing showed up anywhere else! My Oncologist feels that I am one of the lucky few who will only end up with scar tissue! It is a true miracle! So many prayers are being answered! We are reducing my dosage again to 7 days on, 7 days off and if the side effects are still too bad, we'll go to 5 days on and 2 days off. My Oncologist said whatever works best for me. And he told me to keep doing whatever else I'm doing - leafy green veggies every day, CBD oil, leeks, carrot and pineapple juices, beets, very little beef unless it's grassfed, Frankincense oil, diet and exercise all make a difference. We are in shock! Thank you Lord!

61 Replies
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Wow! What CBD oil are you using? If you’ve not been able to take the meds perhaps it’s the CBD?

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Survivornow in reply to Toomanyquestions

I think it's a combination of everything. The CBD pills are Charlotte's Web capsules Extra Strength. I know that the YL Frankincense oil (1 take one drop in a capsule a day and rub full strength on my chest and ribs) are all helping, along with my diet.

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Joy_ma in reply to Toomanyquestions

May i ask, what is CBD means?

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Aimee95 in reply to Joy_ma

Cannibis oil-there is THC free and some with an extremely low amount. All legal

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Joy_ma in reply to Aimee95

Thanks for reply

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So happy for you, what fabulous news. Enjoy! xxx

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I forgot to mention that I also have monthly Chiropractic adjustments! I do believe they are helping. My migraines are now gone after 50 years, my neck and back are straighter, so the signal between my spine and brain is open.

That is such good news! What a relief to get good news like that. I hope the tumours continue to shrink. I use frankincense oil too. I apply it to my bath with Epsom salts and I also apply it topically to my breast each day.

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Do you use the pure oil on your skin or dilute it? X

in reply to Glas0824

I add it directly to my breast without diluting it.

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Thanks- was going to get Neals yard stuff unless you’ve heard of anything better?

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I haven't heard of that. I use Armour natural and Fresh Skin.

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Glas0824 in reply to

Thanks - it was partly as I have a voucher from there unused!

in reply to Glas0824

Oh, OK.

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Super fab news

Well deserved after all the traumas you’ve experienced with the side effects etc

Barb xx

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Fantastic news 😊

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Great news! I am sure exercise, diet and everything else you're doing is helping xx

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That is a really great news God bless you

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The lord makes a difference and prayer. God bless as we are alive!!❤️

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So happy for you, wish you good news always ♥️

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Wonderful News!!!

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Congrats on the amazing results! So happy for you!

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Great news! So happy for you! Keep doing what you are doing! It's working for you! Bless you!!!

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Praise God! I recently found out there are ladies that take the ibrance 14 days on and 14 off. I found out first through the pharmacy who was telling me all the great news they've heard about ibrance and that some prescriptions were just for 14 pills. Then I read a lady's post, how she was on that schedule. So, speaking as one who will start ibrance soon, it is really good to hear your praise report and the optional dosing schedules that seem to be working! woo hoo! Have a blessed day!

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Fantastic and inspiring! I am happy for you!

What fantastic news! Congratulations!! Keep doing what you're doing and let us know if you are going to do the 5 days on 2 days off Ibrance cycle. I'm considering doing that as well, as I read from someone that it helped her neutrophils)whites stay up. I also went whole food plant based and am taking CBD oil. Such wonderful hope!!

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Survivornow in reply to

My Oncologist suggested I do the 100 mg 7 days on, 7 days off and if the side effects are too harsh, switch to 5 days on and 2 days off. It's wonderful to have choices!

in reply to Survivornow

Yes, that is the benefit of being on a new drug. My oncologist is also very open to taking Ibrance the way it makes me feel best. I think that as long as we have Ibrance in our system consistently, we can dose it the way it makes us feel the best.

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Congratulations on your great news. Hopefully with new regime your side effects will get better.


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Amazing! Congrats

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"My Oncologist feels that I am one of the lucky few who will only end up with scar tissue! It is a true miracle!"

Fantastic news and encouragement for you and all of us.

Thanks for sharing.


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I am so really happy to hear your news. I am so thrilled for you. Keep up the good work and the oil and veggies! Hug, Bev❤😊

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Super news. Blessings, Hannah

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Awesome!! PTL!

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I have frankincense oil but never used. Forgot what I was supposed to do with it.

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Survivornow in reply to blms

I put full strength on my chest and one drop in a capsule.

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blms in reply to Survivornow

Hey if it was good enough for Christ it must be great! Snd fir those of you not aware, the gift of gold was actually turmeric!

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what does the frankincense oil do and what is the dosage - and where do you get it. I am so happy for you

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Survivornow in reply to worldtravel75

I use Young Living Frankincense oil, put a few drops on my chest and one drop daily in a capsule a day.

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Survivornow in reply to worldtravel75

Frankincense was a highly used and traded medicine during Jesus's time on earth. The Frankincense oil and also Myrrh oil were highly valued for use against serious ills. I've used both in the last 3 months as a back up with my prescribed meds. Both are expensive, but so are our prescribed meds! And no side effects!

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blms in reply to Survivornow

What is your myth routine? Do you buy empty capsules online through bulk supplements? Where do you live?

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PTL. I'm so happy for you. I eat well. No meat and all organic. Ibrance didn't work for me at all. My cancer spread within 6 months. I don't think my Dr will giver me CBD oil. I'm still trusting God for healing. It's in s lot of my bones. I hope you become cancer free as I wish for all of us.

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Survivornow in reply to Selmac

CBD oil is available at local Health food stores. It can help with pain, swelling h healing.

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blms in reply to Survivornow

Mist if CBD through health food stores is garbage- waste of money. There are better CBD options much stronger and in long run less money as you need to use much less

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Congratulations!!! continued good health <3

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This is incredible news, wow did you go through hell to get there!! Hopefully the side effects will calm down for you.

So happy you got such good news!!

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So pleased to hear your newS. I"ve heard high temperature doesn't agree with cancer, so

do you supposed your illnesses produced a temperature that figured in your results?

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Survivornow in reply to Arkait

Who knows? I think it's just a combination of everything.

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blms in reply to Arkait

I have read some successes with adding hot bath and pure Epsom salts daily. Maybe heat there is a plus

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Sister warrior congratulations on this good news. You have done your part, and Lord/God has done the rest. C-E-L-E-B-R-A-T-E with your loved ones. I am giving God praise. XoXoXo

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Wonderful news!

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I’m a big supporter of budwig diet mixture of organic cottage cheese and flaxseed oil daily. Have no idea what, if anyone thing, has brought me to NED, I do many health things. But I know it is not Ibrance. I was Ned before I actually began the drug and now haven’t taken it since October and remain so. I do take letrozole. But docs said they hoped not to further spread , did not expect to clear

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Survivornow in reply to blms

My Oncologist told me that he has just started seeing Ibrance clearing up cases like mine and expects it will happen more and more.

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blms in reply to Survivornow

this is great news

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Awesome news! So happy for you! I wonder if getting the flu/pneumonia/bronchitis helped to engage your immune system and kick it into overdrive. Maybe it was a blessing in disguise and together with the meds, diet, exercise, chiropractic, it gave you great results.

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Could be!

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So happy for you. Nothing better than good news. I have a few questions I hope you don’t mind my asking

I have Stage 4 breast cancer. It came back after I was ok for 15 years. They have told me mine will never be cured. It’s in my bones. You were told you might only have scaring. So you are cured? I hope you are cured. That is such wonderful news. I just have so many questions everyday and was wondering?

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My MBC started as a lump 6 years ago in my left breast, on the same area I had a cyst that would need to be drained often. Then the cyst changed and I was told it was breast cancer. I had a double mastectomy - the options I was given was radiation and a lumpectomy, the possible chemotherapy - or a single mastectomy and chemotherapy or a double mastectomy and chemotherapy. I chose the double. But I had decided, after allot of research and prayer that I would not have chemotherapy. Allot of reasons, but I know my body and I know how strongly even an aspirin effects me. So I told my Oncologist no and she surprised me by telling me that she had ordered an extra panel of tests on the tumor and that it was encased, that they got it all and I did not need chemotherapy! She put me on an inhibitor, but again my body reacted too strongly and I couldnt handle it. So I was told to go home and live, I was cured.

Then just 2 weeks from my "cure" anniversary, we discovered that i had tumors on my chest wall - same location as the previous tumor, in the chest muscle and my ribs ( just found put about my ribs). My surgeon took out several samples and again, just found out he told my husband that I would probably not see another Christmas! Anyway, went to a referred Oncologist and was told he could give me 3-4 years! I walked out and found my current Oncologist - one of the best in our area. I believe God led me to him. I was told they intended to cure me! I was put on Verzenio 125 mg and managed to take a full pack, but struggled with horrendous side effects. But the swelling and pain in my left chest went away! Next dosage was dropped to 100mg, but I couldn't handle it and had to stop. I was too sick to take anything other than my inhibitor. Next was Ibrance 125 mg for 21 days with my WBC dropping too low. Then I caught the flu 6 weeks ago and had to stop everything while I fought pneumonia and bronchitis. I had to put my 3 month PET scan delayed by a month. Wednesday a week ago I was finally able to lay flat long enough for the scan, but couldn't meet with my Oncologist until this past Tuesday. He pulled up both scans side by side and my original scan was bad. My entire left chest was lit up. Then he switched to my new scan and there were 2 tiny pinpoint lights! My Oncologist was as stunned as we were. I told him I had been doing research and that I found the latest Ibrance update showed reduction and even total elimination of tumors, leaving only scar tissue. My Oncologist knew about the newest study and said he felt I will be one of the lucky ones who will have all tumors die off. But, we are never free from MBC and I will need an inhibitor for life, along with continued scans. I still have 2 tiny tumors that we are praying will die off and I feel they will! I firmly believe that the Verzenio started all this and now Ibrance will finish it. I am on a reduced time of Ibrance -7 days on, 7 days off. And if I have too harsh side effects, I was told to adjust the days d medication however I feel I need to. I am doing allot of other things to help kill off the cancer as well. Cancer cure diet, Frankincense oil, CBD oil, juices, multivitamins, probiotics, Chiropractic care monthly, filtered water (allot of fresh squeezed lemonade daily), exercise and fresh air. And prayer. Allot of prayer!

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Fantastic news So pleased your prayers are being answered, and that your treatment is working.


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What wonderful news. I am doing THC oil, vegan diet (alkaline based), yoga, acupuncture too. I hope I get similar results at my next doctor's appointment. Keep up the good work,

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Our state is finally working on legalizing THC/medical marijuana. I've heard of amazing results from using the oil. On my list!

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