God is Good

Hello friends, it's been a bit since I've posted. I had two nerve blocks done on march14,2017, the radiologist gave me to much medication. I ended up in an ambulance, er, and icu! During this I had an encounter with Jesus ! I thought he was talking me, it was so peaceful, but then he let me know it wasn't my time! At last scan a week ago, cancer in my lung is gone, praise God, still in my bones but not moving! God Bless You All as we journey on the same road, to beat this Cancer!!!

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  • Hi 03 Amegios,

    Sorry you ended up in the ER and ICU, but what an experience you had with Jesus! You must feel so good about that and so reassured that you were told that it's not your time. And not to have evidence of cancer in your lung? Sounds like a miracle to me!

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful news. It goes to show that "With God All Things Are Possible." Stay positive. Have Faith that you will overcome your BC. Continue to pray. I know that it's a big part of my life. Best wishes always! Kats3

  • Amen

  • Thank God you are still here. Much love and more of God's blessings to you!!

  • I'm sorry about your ER/ICU experience. Surely, a frightening time. But it seems that all is well with your lung, which is wonderful news. God bless.

  • Praise God. I'm so sorry for what you went through. May I ask why you had a nerve block? I have MBC in both lungs but ended chemo in November. I'm only on Femara. May I ask what treatment you've had for the cancer in your lungs?

  • Praise God!

  • Wonderful!!!

    Yes, all the Glory goes to God.

    We can't fight cancer on our own for sure.

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