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Praise be to GOD!

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Just wanted to share some good news! I just saw my PET/CT scan results online and they are WONDERFUL! A little background....I was on Ibrance/Faslodex for a year, (ER+ HER2-, mets in some lymph nodes, sternum and liver), when they stopped working in the beginning of July 2021. I was off treatment for a month, (trying to get insurance approval for new treatment). Because of my high TMB (90th percentile), and my PDL - 1, I was put on Keytruda/Abraxane. I just had a PET/CT scan done after 6 treatments of Abraxane and 3 treatments of Keytruda. I am happy to say that my pet scan results are WONDERFUL! Liver and sternum lesions have decreased and a couple nodes aren’t even visible anymore! I truly believe in prayer and I know a lot of prayers have been said for me -PRAISE BE TO GOD! Prayers are being answered! I will continue to pray that this treatment will work for a very, very long time! And, I will pray that all of our treatments will be effective and manageable for all of us, for a very, very long time! Have a great week -I am now doing my happy dance praising and thanking GOD! 🙏💃🙏💃🙏💃🙏

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That is absolutely amazing news.I will dance with you to celebrate


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Missmaddie615 in reply to BellaE

Thank you Clare! The idea of you dancing with me to celebrate is such a lovely thought! 💃💃 Hope everything is going well with the house renovations!

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BellaE in reply to Missmaddie615

I go to a dance fitness class on a Tuesday evening, so my dance was for you in celebration. Renovations are slow, but that’s fine by me. I only do a couple of hours at a time myself, mainly at weekends. Roof is going on at the moment so I can sit back for now.Keep celebrating


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Missmaddie615 in reply to BellaE

The dance fitness class sounds like so much fun -I should look to see if something like that is offered near me. It’s good that you are taking your time doing the renovations, as they can be exhausting. I have renovated a few houses in the past. Exhausting, but oh so rewarding! The celebration continues! 😁

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BellaE in reply to Missmaddie615

I really enjoy the class and it’s great for your memory trying to remember the steps. It’s an over 50’s class and probably the only one in the evening!Any advice when renovating?

I think you should keep the celebrations going for as long as possible


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Missmaddie615 in reply to BellaE

That’s good to know, as my memory is shot! I have such a foggy brain now....

Advise on renovating, patient -don’t rush through getting something done just to get it off your list, you’ll pay for it later, pace yourself -you don’t want to get burnt out, plan -really think things thru so you don’t do double the work or have regrets like “I should have done this/that, too late now”, hire a contractor that you trust and communicate what you want and communicate it again and again and again, so there’s no misunderstandings. When it is all said and done, it is so worth it! I have never regretted any of our renovations.😘

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BellaE in reply to Missmaddie615

Thank you that is great advice we will follow. We very much believe in taking things slowly as rush decisions have never worked for us.

Fantastic news, hope you have a great celebration, enjoy your great news.Xxx Debra

Thanks Debra! I might indulge in a little cupcake to celebrate! 🧁

This is very very good news. Treatment is working in the right direction for you!! YEAH! And yes thank our Lord for his guidance in healing--mind, body, spirit connection!!

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Missmaddie615 in reply to blms

Thank you! Yes, I have been singing the Lords praises all day! 🙏

That's fabulous news. Always inspiring to hear when someone's treatment is working well. May it continue for a long time and keep on dancing. Take care.


Thank you so much Sandra! I’ve been singing and dancing all day! 😙💃

Where are you being treated?

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Missmaddie615 in reply to blms

Rush University Medical Center


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Missmaddie615 in reply to AK57

Thank you! 🙏

Congratulations, well done. XXX ♥️

Thank you! How is your dear wife doing? Hopefully she is responding well to her treatment!❤️

How very kind of you to remember? Thank you! Susie is doing quite well (we think). Her Onc seems pleased but she's only had one cycle so far. She still has a constant cough and is very breathless, we REALLY hope this improves, it's really horrible as she's only 38, it does not feel right. She's up and about, doing school runs with me, just tired and breathless. Damn this bloody disease, I'd do anything to stop it, I wish it was me and I could just take it off her, leave her to carry on with the kids. :-( Thank you so much for asking. X ❤️

I’m so happy to hear that she is doing well! Give the medicine more time to work. Yes, cancer sucks! You are her rock and she is leaning on you now. Just being there for her, taking care of her and the children, gives her the strength to fight this disease with all her might! That is the best thing for her! You are a wonderful husband and she is blessed to have you by her side! ❤️🙏❤️

What wonderful news. Love love love this. 💜💜💜positive healing hugs to all you beautiful warriors 😘😘

Thank you! Yes, healing hugs for you and everyone!💕

So Happy For You! Am in agreement with you on all counts! ☝️😉

Thank you! I am so grateful to Him! 🙏

Great news, I'm happy for you! Xx

Thanks! Are you in Scotland yet? Have a wonderful time and please do send us pictures! 😘

I go next Wednesday! I'll send photos. X

Yay! Safe travels!

Congratulations! This is wonderful. First good news of many.

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Missmaddie615 in reply to EZSZ

Thank you so much! Take care!❤️


Thanks! Celebrating all week!🥳

Lovely news ... do something nice to celebrate ! x 🌸

Thank you! 😘

Wonderful results. So happy for you. Makes us all want to dance. I know the great feeling of getting good reports. We are getting more and more good results from these drugs. I sure hope it continues for us all. I would say for those of you who aren't getting good reports at the moment, don't be discouraged. More often, a treatment down the line will work.

Just want to give hope to us all.

Cheers, June S.

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Missmaddie615 in reply to 8576

Thank you so much for your kind words and support June! I absolutely agree with you! After Ibrance failed, I was so discouraged. So many of the ladies get years on it and I so wanted to get many years too. I felt like I was sucker punched in the gut when it stopped working so soon after I had started scared and fearful that the next line of treatment would not work -but now my fearfulness has turned into hope! ❤️🙏❤️

Just fabulous...keep on dancing!

Thanks! The happy dance continues! 💃🙏💃

So happy for you I also am , (ER+ HER2) in breast lymph sternum and liver

I have just started to take ibrance 125mg

And have no idea how this is working

You have given me so much hope

Thank you so much for sharing you have made my day


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Anitafazz in reply to Jenhood

Hello JenhoodI just want you to know that all of us are here for you . I have been on Ibrance since jan,20 and had great scans ever since . You will see a lot of woman on this site have been on this cocktail for a long time and i get a lot of strength and hope from reading there stories on here .

i hope you will get some information and hope from reading thses posts .

I feel great and live my life everyday almost like i did before ( till scan time comes ).

Feel free to ask questions .


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Jenhood in reply to Anitafazz

Thank you for your kind words As I explained I’m just beginning my ibrance journey and finding this forum is an absolute god send

Thank you everyone for giving me hope , I was feeling so lost and now I can begin to look forward to a future


You do have a future! This journey (as someone in this group said) is not a sprint -it’s a marathon. There are so, so many treatments out there! Be kind and gentle to yourself. You are not alone, all of us are here for you!💕

Thank you Jenhood for your kind words! Sounds like we are “ twinzees” in our location of mets. Ibrance is a wonderful drug and so many of these lovely ladies have been on it for many, many years! You will find this group has a well of knowledge and is so supportive! They have given me so much hope and have really helped me keep my sanity! I am wishing you much success on Ibrance and may you be on it for a very, very long time! ❤️🙏😘

Praise God! Yes I too believe in prayers🙏 May you continue to do well.

Thank you! Yes, Praise God! May His healing light shine on all of us!🙏🙏🙏

That is wonderful news. I am so happy for you! I have been hearing about Keytruda as a treatment for many different types of cancer and they are expanding the list they are using it for. I have not heard about Abraxane. Is it a form of chemotherapy? I also believe in the power of prayer. It has worked for me so far. I hope this protocol continues to work for you for a very long time and does not cause you side effects. Best wishes.

Thank you for your kind words! Abraxane is an IV chemo similar to Taxol. From my understanding the difference is that Abraxane is water-based, so I don’t need the pre-treatment of steroids and Benadryl. The infusion is only about a 1/2 hour long. The side effects are quite manageable for me. I have lost my hair, (I chose not to cold cap), have bowel issues, and I am a wee bit more tired. The power of prayer is awesome-blessings to us all!🙏❤️

Thank you for responding to my question. I'm glad you are managing the side effects. I'm sorry you lost your hair and are having bowel issues. Will you have to stay on this chemo for a long time or is there an end point? I hope the bowel issues will resolve for you. Take care.

Thanks -my oncologist put me on a bowel anti-spasmodic medicine and it is helping! 💩 There should be an end to the chemo. The plan is to do 12 chemo treatments. I’ve already done 6. If the chemo works, (I don’t know what my oncologist will be looking for to consider the chemo to be working. I’ll ask that question as the time draws near.), then my oncologist will take me off the chemo and I’ll just stay on the keytruda.🙏

I'm glad that is helping. Bowel issues are no fun. I'm glad you are half way through your chemo. I'm sure you will be happy when it is done and I hope you get awesome results from it. Hope the Keytruda will keep things under control.

Thank you so much for your kind words and support! I can’t wait till I’m done with chemo -I’ll be doing a happy dance for sure! 💃 May your current treatment continue to give you positive results for a very, very long time! Blessings to you! ❤️🙏❤️

You are welcome! I've heard they might have you ring a bell when you are done with chemo. I hope you ring it loud and clear! Thank you for your good wishes, too. I just had bloodwork but have not looked at results. Will meet with doctor next week and then I am supposed to have a scan next month. I feel good and am hoping that means I am doing good!

If there is a bell, I will be ringing it very loudly! Good luck at your doctor appt. next week. Feeling good is a very good sign! May God bless you with good results on your scan -sending hugs to you!🙏❤️

Thank you so much! Hugs back at you!

Wonderful news. So happy for you go out and celebrate! I have a question what is P

Thank you! TMB is tumor mutational burden, meaning the tumor that was biopsied had a lot of mutations in it. My oncologist says that is unusual for breast cancer. I don’t know much about PDL-1, but from my understanding, It is some sort of protein on cancer cells and if you have a high level of it, immunotherapy can help. Take care 😘

That is great news!!

Thank you! ❤️

Sorry did not finish what are PTl and the other factor I’ll like to know thank you

So happy to hear this news! I too got great scan news last week after 9 mos. on Ibrance and Faslodex for the plural effusion on my lung. It continues to shrink and my Onc greeted me with “I’m so happy for you”! As he knows I see my scans on Mychart as soon as he does. He celebrates with me and I’m celebrating with you! Here’s to continued great scans and answered prayers!!!🙏🏻

Thank you so much! What WONDERFUL news to hear on your scan- I’m so happy for you! May you be on this treatment for a long, long time! Celebrating together....we do the happy dance! 💃💃 I agree, may all our scans continue to be positive and may all our prayers be answered!! 💕🙏

I too am on Ibrance and Faslodex since Nov 2020 and thanks be to Our Lord and Father my scans show significant reduction in tumors, some not there at all ! I also have the pleural effusion and while the fluid crept up a tad, the cancer cells diminished. Power of prayer and trust in our Lord is a blessing for all the ladies ! Xoxo

Yay, more prayers that have been answered - so happy to hear that your treatment is so successful! Praise be to God and Our Lord!!🙏🙏

So happy to hear the same is true for you! My Onc told me that if my scans are this good in Dec. he is comfortable moving to every 6 months! Definitely answered prayers from all of my fellow prayer warriors!🙏🏻😇

So happy for you! I am glad the Ibrance and Faslodex is working for you, that is great news. Do you have many side effects from the Faslodex? From other posts I have read it sounds like people do well on it if the nurses warm the injections first and put them in slowly. Is that your experience, just curious. Thanks

Yes, they have to warm them and because it is a thick and oily substance they inject over a couple of minutes. Not my favorite part!…I also have 2 nurses give them at the same time. Depending on the spots they pick seems to determine how sore I’m going to be. Suffice it to say me and my posterior are looking forward to the oral version!

Thank you for your reply. That would be great if the oral version comes out of clinical trials and can be used by everyone.

OMG i am sooooooo happy for you . Its the best feeling knowing of your good scan results !! 3 more month of freedom !!!!!!!!!

Thank you soooooo much!😄 yeah, my last 2 scans weren’t so good....I was kinda nervous with this scan.😘

So happy for you!!

Thank you!! ❤️

HOORAY FOR MISS MADDIE!! Wonderful news indeed! You found the right combo!! Your post just explodes with happiness! And I know that all of us share in it!God bless you! 🙏🏻🙏🏻💗💗

With you on your journey,

Linda XXOO

Thank you for your kind words Linda! As we all know, MBC is an emotional rollercoaster ride, and I so wanted to share a good moment with you lovely ladies -I am beyond happy! God bless you also Linda!🙏❤️🙏

I love it when members share good news. It truly makes everyone’s day better!!💗💗🙏🏻🙏🏻


Such wonderful news!!! Dance away!

Thank you so much! Still dancing!!!💃💃💃

Amen. You go girl! Dance away!!!!!

Thank you! Amen indeed!!! I’ll be dancing all week! 💃🙏💃

Congratulations! Celebrating with you!

Thanks! The more the merrier the celebration is! 😘

Such amazing news Missmaddie….keep dancing x

Thank you! And the dance goes on! 💃

Praise be to God, indeed!

YES- Praise be to God! I feel so blessed! 🙏

wonderful to read this news. celebrate the news and you!

Thanks! I will be celebrating all week!🥳💃


Thank you!🙏

Love this!

Thank you so much!❤️

It is wonderful to hear your good news Miss Maddie. I hope you stay well and I too believe in prayer. Hugs Marlene

Thank you for your kind words Marlene! May you stay well also, and may God bless you!🙏❤️

Fantastic news xx

Thank you so much!💕

Sister/warrior your faith is making you whole. :) Full healing is on the way. YESSSSSSSS, and Amen. I am thanking GOD for your great report.😇 C-e-l-e-b-r-a-t-e

Thank you so much for your inspiring words! Praise be to God! I truly feel so grateful and blessed! May God continue to heal you and each and everyone of us!🙏💗🙏

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