hair loss

Thank you everyone for your advice im going to speak to somebody tomorrow about it ,this is why i took control &cut my hair to save the heartache &pain from the patching and soreness of my hair follicles falling out ,i have decided that i will take my clippers without the guard on to the lowest they can go ,and shave it all off to my scalp even if it means im bald each time it stubbles i will just keep shaving it all off its going to fall out anyway this wk and i have my nxt chemo nxt so wont be able to do it then ,so best is im going to get it over with &completely shave it it all off this time totally clean to my scalp bald been a hard decision ,even the 1st one was last wk to shave all my hair off completely to the stubble something i would never ever had done ,if my cancer hadnt forced me to shave all my hair off upset thinking about it before then but no going back its only hair and it will grow back,so its been done my nice hairs all been completely shaved off dwn to stubble ,ive still got quite a lot of chemo sessions to go so all my hair will go anway with total hair loss so has to be shaved right off to my scalp now

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  • I lost my hair when doing chemotherapy and yes, it is one of the more outward signs of our sickness and treatment, and can be emotional. I tried to see the chemo working inside me killing cells as it was outwardly killing my hair cells, if that makes sense, so was somewhat of a comfort. I hope you have family or close friends to give you support as well. God bless you on this journey!

  • trg3, just wanted to echo janetjanssen-- this experience can be extremely emotional, but I hope you are able to find the support you need to feel loved and cared for!

  • What chemo are you on just curious I start my first chemo on the 28th and that's one of my fears losing my hair thank you

  • im on ec treatment before my 1st chemo i got someone to shave my hair to the stubble after my 1st chemo i shaved it again to rough scalp just had my 2nd chemo last wk and this wkend my hairs really started coming out each person is different depending what drugs your on mine is an agressive chemo good luck

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