Hair loss - docetaxol & carboplatin

I just started docetaxol and carboplating right before Thanksgiving. I know I'm going to lose my hair with these chemo treatments. For anyone who's been on these, when did you start to lose your hair? I'm just trying to figure out when to buzz my head before the clumps start to fall, and secretly hoping I can get through the holidays without being bald.

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  • It took two full rounds before mine realy started to fall out. Buzzzz away any day now. Have fun with it. I dyed mine purple then gave me a Mohawk before buzzing it all off.

  • I started losing my hair after my 3rd treatment. I was on weekly taxol. First it was a lot of shedding, then large clumps. I was relieved after buzzing it off. I actually had to start wearing my wig on Thanksgiving day of last year. Be prepared with whatever you are going to wear (wig, scarves, hats) and hope for the best. And remember it is temporary! It will grow back. The holidays are right around the corner! Best of luck!

  • Thank you Ibelong and My2greyhounds! I'm thinking this weekend is when I'll buzz it off.

  • My hair fell out right before my 2nd round. To feel better I went ahead and buzzed mine real short. While my hair was falling out my scalp and hair hurt. Especially laying on my pillow case. It just felt better gone. Prayers for you to stay positive and strong. Trust me there is light at the end of the tunnel

  • Individual chemo cocktails sometimes differ slightly in this regard. But, your chemo nurses often will know best. They can be helpful in a thousand different ways, since they have experience with so many patients and protocols. In addition to your doctor, they too can give wonderful advice to deal with all kinds of side effects, hair loss included. I always found them to be a wonderful ( and reliable) resource.

  • Hi I buzzed my hair within a week of my first tx, not because it was coming out so much but because of the pain. No one warned me that dying hair follicles could be painful...Even the pillow was too painful to sleep on. The pain went away immediately after the hair was shaved

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