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wig &hair loss

Tuesday went and had a fitting for my wig had a few hairs come out from the follicles but nothing much ,got my wig which is a nice one longer than what my hair was ,i asked the girl if she could cut my hair she asked me did i not want to wait which would have been nxt wk as she said i would start to get patchy &my hair would start to fall out before my nxt chemo which is in 2wks ,she said yes she would cut my hair asked her how they do it thinking it would be buzzed no they shave to as short as they can go dwn ,she said if i was sure then she would cut my hair she put the gown &went to get the clippers came back then nxt thing i knew she was combing my hair &shaving all the back then i saw her shaving all up the side then on to the other side seeing my hair just fall suddenly realising my hair had all been shaved off dwn to stubble thats all i haved left from having my hair shaved off ,just now the stubble is sore i have to jump under warm water to calm it dont think i can stand it just now waiting for the follicles to fall out sore im thinking should i get the clippers out again put them to the lowest and shave it again nxt wk im thinking of just shaving it all right off to nothing with the clippers ,with my drugs anyway ive been told im going have total hair loss so i may as well just shave it completely off i know it will need to be done not happy about it but best to be done now than wait

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I know how you feel it was devastating to say the least and unfortunately I had to do it twice this chemo then I'm on now luckily you do not lose your hair but as a word of advice I would shave it completely it was easier than going through the pain. I wore my week to work and when I went out when I was home I wore nothing


hi thank you for your comment so you think im right i should shave it all off to bald which i will prob do nxt wk with the clippers at lowest guard the stubble pain &warmth i cant bear at night its so uncomfy so think thats what i will do after tuesday before my nxt chemo as i wont be up to shaving it off then


2010 1st chemo hair to my butt!!

Yes l cut off to shoulders then in tub on their chemo fell off my head

In shower l cried for two weeks!!

My boyfriend just went ahead and shaved my head cause it was like a matted dog!!

Then now July 2016 Mets to brain

Had brain surgery but my hair fell out again on 2nd chemo

Now l have Mets to lungs so #6 chemo feb21st..

Scans to see f chemo helping oncologist told me cancer meds for rest my life cause of Mets!!!

I was free 6 years reoccurring breast cancer l had in 2010!!

On Texetere ..Prejuda..Hercepion..And a five year pill!!

So just a little input!!

Hair grows back but l say it's normal for a man to be bald but not a woman but hey our life's h

Is more important!!

I got 3 wigs short one!! Shoulder length one!!

Middle of back one that has a strap on top no hair cause you wear hats with it but it's long!! Anyways it's a shocker but like l say!!

Our life's is important!!

You go girl you Weill get thru this!!

My second time and it's way worse chemo is so strong

Every 3weeks !!

God loves us so we got this!!

Good luck wear your wig proud cause u got life!!

And my wigs are real hair you can wash them use curling iron

Just like your own hair!!

Stay positive honey much peace from Mississippi...Tammy


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