Hope for Today - grateful for SHARE

Hope for Today - grateful for SHARE

Hello, I was diagnosed with metastatic bc in July 2016.

I am currently being treated with chemo Taxol and am responding well. However, I am close to triple negative as my estrogen receptor is only around 5%. I had taken tamoxifen and arimodex in the past as my estrogen was high.

Even though I am responding well to taxol my concern is that other than chemo my options will be limited due to my lack of hormone receptors and I am excluded from many triple negative clinical trials as hormone receptors must be >1 for many of them.

SHARE has provided me with support and important information and I am very grateful!

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  • Welcome to our group. Have you ever had your tumor sequenced? Perhaps you have a mutation that could be actionable for a drug that has already been FDA approved for another cancer and could enter a basket clinical trial. There's TAPUR which looks at repurposing cancer drugs. They have a website and there's a story about it on SHARE's website (just search TAPUR), which explains how it works. The trial was launched this year. And then there's NCI Match, which is similar. So, you may have some opportunities. Thanks for the photo!

  • I did have genetic testing and am negative for brc1 and brc2 as well as five other genes that were reviewed in the genetic panel

    I have not had my tumor sequenced.

    I will discuss with my oncologist.

    Do the results of my genetic testing change the possibility of using either of these two options?

    Thank you Joan.

  • Having your tumor sequenced looks at mutations related to the tumor itself (which are not necessary germline, hereditary mutations like BRC). Your oncologist would know more.

    Some oncologists think that patients could see their sequencing as "false hope," since oftentimes no mutation is actionable. But I don't see it that way (and I can only speak for myself), because besides TAPUR and NCI Match, there could be other trials testing a drug on various solid tumors, including MBC, either now or in the near future.

    The information could be potentially actionable, such as what happened with the AR+ mutation. Medivation (which was recently bought by another drug company) has three MBC clinical trials to test the already FDA-approved prostate cancer drug, enzaludamide, for hormone+, HER2+ and TNBC MBC. That drug is used in metastatic prostate cancer that tests positive for AR.

  • Is AR androgen receptor? I have heard that is another possible receptor.

  • Yes, it is. And it's often found in patients with TNBC.

  • Thank you Joan.

  • Here's link showing Medivation's clinical trials for MBC.


  • Thank you Joan. I will ask my oncologist About tumor sequencing.

  • Joan, Tapur option only seems to be if standard of care has discontinued working. Is that correct?

  • Hi Barbara, I'm ER +, PR + and Her2 -...so if I may ask although you were ER +, your % has gone down with treatment? I'm a little confused. Is that something that can happen to any of us? Thanks

  • Yes, it can happen as I have heard of it since my diagnosis. I was not given a reason as to why it happened.

    I'm hanging in and my onc said we could possibly use hormone receptor meds in my future.

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