Blood work

Just got these from my gp my bloods for low t ...peoples thoughts plz.

FSH 1.8.

LH 1.6


TEST 8.6


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  • Looks like you have mild secondary hypogonadism. Ne of the commonest causes is obesity and if that is an issue with you then weight loss will help if you can do that.

    I note you are going to a private clinic and expect they will provide a trial of testosterone although the NHS is likely to be less generous in this situation.

  • So are u saying treatment would be no good its hard for me to lose weight coz im constantly fatigued and my brain cant concentrate to help me to eat healthy

  • It depends what you are hoping for from treatment . Yes you may feel less fatigued. The only way to find out is to try it for a few months as it seems you are planning to do, but I doubt the NHS will fund such a trial. However if you are transformed by treatment, you can appeal again for NHS treatment.

  • Cheers u sound clued up i know i have to figure it out for myself but constantly drained and no motiviation and my head feels like a brick wall

  • Well it's all a vicious circle. The less you do etc. If you can just move to that place of improving, you will progress and whether that's through medication, social or psychological means time will tell. The Leger clinic sounds worth a try, but they will have an incentive to treat as you will be paying them. I'm sure your situation is something they are very familiar with and will have a good plan for.

  • Im just a recluse coz of it whats your thoughts on clomid?

  • I didn't know about its use in men, but it sounds a good idea to try and your GP may prescribe it for you as it's cheap, but not licensed for use in men. However there is plenty of info about it on the internet. 25mg daily seems the dose although may increase to 50mg.

    I would suggest you approach your gp with some good research info about its use and the dose regime to give it a try for say 3 months.

    Great idea.

    Testosterone medication switches off the body's testosterone production and reduces fertility, so not a great idea for you.

  • Will just see what leger clinic say nhs not budging @ all

  • Will just see what leger clinic say nhs not budging @ all

  • Fair enough. It sounds like you're pretty well up on things. I'd be interested to hear what happens. When's your appointment?

  • Ha im not ive not got a clue or i would have self treated by now ha and will keep u posted

  • When is your appointment?

  • Not got one yet just trying to free up funds i know it might not be the miracle cure im looking for but i need to try as at moment life aint worth living

  • Going to try clomid and go to leger clinic in the new year give me chance to save up

  • Surely your GP will give you a couple of months of clomid? Tell them it's cheap and safe and you do have a medical indication but can't afford private treatment.

  • Will ask reckon its worth a shot as it lowers estrogen?how long should i take it for

  • Aim for blood test at 2-3 months

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