Finishing to quick

I’ve had the problem of finishing way to quick when having sex with my wife. I’m talking like in 20 seconds or so. My wife has been a trooper about it but I know it bothers her. What if anything can I do?? Don’t have any problem getting hard just finish way to quick. I even finish when I give her oral sex. Hope someone can give me some advice!!

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  • The doc can help with this... medication such as SSRIs might help you.

  • 20 Seconds is a too small time. Actually everything needs to be learnt in life . Even intercourse need to be learnt . Your ejaculation is happening due to anxiety . Increase foreplay , wait after penetration . Slowly slowly I hope it will increase . If it doesn't increase there are medicine for delaying ejaculation (Dapoxetine 30 ) . First try yourself to control the mind.

  • Can you not have a 2nd go?

  • Trouble i always found i was opposite could go on for hours.

    So be thankful as if you relax and just both enjoy yourself you will improve.

  • Obviously, when you finish that quickly, your wife is left in suspense. Concentrate on her, excite her, loads of love and should excite you all over again and carry on where you left off. It happens. Often works. Good luck.

  • You may need medical help, but as a start I would try different methods. Spend more time on foreplay, excite your wife in other ways. Initially it may not help you last longer but the experience can continue. Which may help you to last longer.

    Good luck

  • Something else to think about and try, If you masturbate, try masturbating just before you and your wife get together. After you get off the first time, it takes a little longer to cum the second time and you might be able to finish together or maybe you and your wife might trying to masturbate together as a part of your foreplay. Then continue together in other intimacy.

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