Thinking about circumcision

Hello everyone I am an adult male, 30 years old, and for all my life I have been fighting with my forsaking, it gets wet, it’s hard to keel clean it’s on the way.....

I am thinking about getting it cut, a friend of mine told me is very painful and I can lose sensitivity on my penis, has anyone in this community go through it as an adult and can share information about it.

Please help I need some guidance.

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  • I was circumcised 24 years ago. I'm 52 now. Best thing I could have done. I have no problems w/sensitivity. Your sedated/sleep during surgery. After the surgery, you feel more of a "pressure" in the wound than actual pain. It's going to look awful at the

    beginning. There will be visible scars (of the stitches) but as time goes, they will become less visible. No sexual activity (including masturbation) for a while (weeks).

  • Thanks for your reply. - A friend just told me that my penis my get smaller, I don’t know if he was kidding around, but can that happen?

  • No, I think it's impossible. Your penis may look slightly longer because a typical foreskin extends beyond the tip of the "head".

  • I was circumsised when I was very young so can't comment on the discomfort. I remember being in hospital once and there was a guy being circumsised and he didn't seem to have any great discomfort. He was given a spray can which was for stopping an erection should it occur! Go for it. Never affected any sensation for me and so much easier to keep things clean.

  • Thanks for your reply.

  • Everyone is different and from my experience I would not put myself through it if there was an alternative. In my case there wasn't. Mine was done back in November 2016, the operation was painless as you have a General Anaesthetic. Afterwards I was in quite a lot of discomfort for some weeks. At least six before sexual activity, and then carefully to start. The operation itself was a success and quite neat, and if anything it looks a bit bigger. But, this may sound strange but during sex it feels smaller. This may be due to using more lubricant than we ever had to before ? Again, may just be me but I think sex was better pre-Op. Bottom line is if you need it don't let me or anyone put you off, but if you do not. Think very carefully and discuss with your Doctor. Good Luck

  • Thanks for your reply, I would definitely go for it! I have very bad issues with it. I am as wondering about the shrinking size because I am average size.

  • I friend of mine had a Circumcision operation at the age of 42. His experience was that he did indeed lose a lot of sensitivity in this cock head, and the re-cooperation was painful. Doctor gave him medicine to stop his erections for awhile until he healed.. For me, unless I was having medical problems on my cock head, I would leave it natural.

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