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Sex after Surgery


Hi All,

Regular readers may know I recently had a circumcision for health reasons. I asked my GP this question and his honest answer was he did not know.

So today on my first post op' visit to the Surgeon I asked how long before I could safely have sex. Leaflet they gave me say at least four weeks, other users on here suggest a lot longer ! The Surgeon was not very helpful and just said it is early days yet.

So if sex is out of the question, is it safe to have an erection ? So far I have been wearing tight pants to bed and sleeping back to back with my wife. I really need/want her, but even a cuddle is starting to give me an erection now.

Any help, please.

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It will become clear in time. An erection will be out of your control and unlikely to cause problems at this time. If the wounds are healing well then well lubricated gentle sex with a sheath could be a next step and progress as you are able.

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Hi and thanks for the reassurance. Yes I have to admit things are becoming difficult to control.

I was wondering if we did not have penetrative sex I may be able to masturbate, but then thought that may be more of a risk ?


If you don't have pain and bleeding when getting erection you can have gentle sex . Even can use Hydrocortisone mixed antibiotic creams on minor exposed wounds .You cannot control erection. So if you lie with wife you may penetrate after lubrication. Nothing will happen . But if you can wait for few more days what's harm . Enjoy & relax

Circumcision is like any other surgical operation. It takes time to heal so I guess their 4 weeks is probably a good and safe prognosis. Many years ago, I was in hospital and there was a guy who had been circumsised, on the same ward. He was given a spray to use if he was about to get an erection! Don't know what it was but probably a 'freezing' spray. You will know when you are ready to let your erection go safely free. I still think I would investigate the availability of a spray.....just in case.

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Not sure I like the idea of a 'freezing' spray but maybe cold water in small spray container may help in an 'emergency'.

Strange now that the slightest sexual thought and I am almost ready to go but nervous as hell that it may hurt. Being nervous usually stopped it !


I can't answer your question, but I have a comment--I think it's unfortunate that your surgeon cannot (or will not) give a better answer to your question. Surely he has experience in doing the surgery and monitoring the results afterwards. This is part of his job, or part of the job or someone in his office (sometimes surgeons are too busy or are uninterested in anything except the surgery itself, but there should be a nurse or someone else to answer these kinds of question if he doesn't want to)

Yes I have to agree.

He examined me, said healing is coming along fine. As I was getting dressed he left the room, I asked the Nurse, who went into his office and said I had a question. He answered through the open door and returned to his paperwork immediately.

I have to say he appears to have done a good job and I am grateful. Surgery was carried out very quickly and he did come in late on the night I had first consultation, as it was his day off.

But bedside manner leaves something to be desired.

Well to keep upto date and not wanting to sound like a porn site, I did let myself have an erection. It was a little sore but not painfully so. I was too nervous to have full sex but it was a release. I think ejaculation is some time off yet.

Thanks for all advice.

Further update for others in similar situation.

Almost eight weeks after my circumcision I had full sex with my wife. When she touched me it was a little tender but not overly painful. As advised I used a condom, which provided a slight worry afterwards when rolling it off. It almost got stuck under the head !

But the sex was amazing and trouble free with a climax which seemed to go on and on. I hope this is the future but more likely due to the length of time we have abstained ?

Follow up appointment due, will keep updating as I feel relevant.

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I am glad things are getting better.

Hi All

Post Op recovery continues, but I still find the tip/glands of my Penis are quite sore. GP prescribed blue Canasten which I think is mild Hydro- cortisone ? He said some inflammation was visible. I have applied around Corona but still a little painful, should I apply over whole glands ?


I hope you heal completely. Good luck.

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