Never Seen Anything Like This Before

I consider myself an experienced woman. After all, I'm in my mid-50's. My friend's penis is -- I don't know how else to describe it-- bent. I've seen curves in penises before. But his is actually bent downward, almost a 90 degree angle. It is hard, but,the angle of it makes sex a little awkward. He sounded like he didn't know why it was like that either. Any advice for him?

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  • Wow, maybe a piece of wood and a bandage. Seriously though, has he been to see anyone such as his GP, perhaps he could find out his medical options and take it from there. Sounds like he has a spanner to screw a screw when he needs a screw driver.

    Best of luck.

    Can I laugh now lol, only kidding

  • This is definitely a known condition and has a name I can't remember. There is a corrective procedure so the best advice is to seek GPs help.

    Hope you both can sort this out soon. Good luck.

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  • This is a condition called Peyronie's disease. Please see:

  • Osidge Thanks for sharing. Very interesting.

  • Visit urologist . May be it's a congenital issue. Interesting to note -how many penis have you seen 

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