Help... Loving a man with erectile dysfunction

I am with a man who has erectile dysfunction. He is able to ejaculate however, there is no blood flow.   I am out of my element here as to pleasing someone in this situation. Is this something that can be fixed?  If not I feel at a loss we are sexual ( I do not know what to do). He does orgasm but it is a lot of work for me to obtain this. And his reassurances only seem to make me feel even worse.   I need advice plz. 

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  • When you say no blood flow, I'm assuming you mean he can't get an erection? And you say his reassurance? Not sure what you mean. Because the obvious advice is that he needs to discuss this with a doctor, as there are a number of avenues to follow to find the cause and treatment. Unless of course he is not bothered about his situation.

  • I absolutely agree with dtech.

  • He needs to see a urologist. He can help him to establish blood flow to enable an erection.

  • His issue is both medical and personal, and it sounds like you have spoken with each other and talked about it--in other words made as much progress with the personal as you can without dealing with the medical--i.e. seeing a urologist; so the advice others have given is right on. I would guess he is shy about doing this or he would have done it by now. But he owes himself this, and he owes you this.

  • your not my wife by any chance? from what little youve said i can relate to it and can only offer these few words.

    I haven't got a sexual problem and i still want! I have however got a medical issue (heart and vascular) and this stops me performing, it is no reflection on my wife, the brain yerns for and demands but the body is unable to respond the way it used to. sorry for this next bit being a bit grude but it the best way for me to put it: during heavy petting my end used to get wet 'cum a bit' but now this is my ejaculation at orgasm and yes its hard work getting there but just as exciting as it used to be, i also miss that big explosion at the end?

    are these words similar to what your hearing? if they are then your doing a good job in  the middle of a tuff ask. ill finish with what ive tried saying to my wife, just get in there and enjoy what we can and not linger on what we cant......and more of it please. LOBL

  • And you are a qualified doctor who has seen this man, examined him and taken a full medical history before prescribing or recommending he uses this drug?? 

  • I have erectile dysfunction and delayed ejaculation, meaning it takes a long time for me to orgasm. However, I have a great sex life. Why? Because my wife understands what this means. She knows it has nothing to do with her appearance or how much I am attracted to her. Oral and manual sex are great ways to please him. Be patient with him. Learn how to love him and tell him how you want to be loved. Remember that there are medical remedies for this that work. I keep a journal of my experiences at Be sure to have him see a doctor about it.

  • Great website. Thanks.

  • Ask your gp if he can perscribe cialist it works for me:-)

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