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Words of Wisdom To Share?

Guys, while I'm just starting out in the professional world (21 yrs old, one more year of college to go!), I feel like it would be foolish of me to squander the opportunity to see if any of you have any advice for someone really in the final steps of heading out entirely on my own.

No guidelines here just flowing conversation. Advice can be on anything (physical health, mental health, marriage, kids, job, etc.)


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Networking is key. That person that you strike up a conversation with in a bar could be your next boss or interviewer. Try to be at least a casual professional especially if you are in city like D.C.

Before you get married make sure you know and love the person you are marrying. Know that there will be problems that arise but as a couple you should work through them. Please don't cheat. Me personally I hate the idea of divorce because I feel like couples are running away from issues or they did not fully know each other before they committed their lives to each other.


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