Sudden Cardiac Arrest & Heart Attack
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Tiny heart attack

Hi I was taken into hospital with a dull ache after doing some endurance exercise. ECG was showing normal and blood pressure ok. Blood test showed trace of enzymes. After investigation with dye injected they found no blockage so no stent required but found mild cardio vascular desease from when I used to smoke. I quit 5 years ago after smoking for 25 years. The cardiologist said that I had a tiny heart attack and I am on medication for treatment. I have now arrived home and questions and anxiety has started to kick in. What is meant by tiny heart attack and mild cardio vascular desease? Is this serious or does tiny and mild mean I do not have to worry?

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I had a heart nurse appointment shortly after returning home.I asked questions then. She got a more detailed summary of angiogram findings, went over tablets etc.

How are you feeling? You can tell a lot by that. Two and a half months after mine I'm not able to do much and was really exhausted for about 6 weeks.

I was told severe disease of an artery but no stent so have still questions. The cardiologist who did it has said he is prepared to meet with me to discuss further.

Not a typical candidate ie healthy lifestyle I'm not on some tabs that others would be on - not sure I'm on enough?

I feel you are lucky to have had a warning with no serious consequences. What age are you?


Lucky call mate... i too had a mild heart attack... no real pains or symptoms but traces of enzymes. 30 years of smoking.... damage to artery so 1 stent fitted. Now on all sorts of meds....BUT... no more.anxiety and im feeling pretty good after lifestyle change...happy to pass on any more info/experiences if you wish!!


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