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A year after my heart attack



I had a heart attack about a year ago after playing hockey. I have been very discipline the first few month changing my lifestyle, eating better, drinking 2 to3 glasses of wine per day, regular physical activity. In the past few months, I have been drinking much heavier and less physical activity ( feels tired most day). Also, since a no longer needs my beta blocker, my heart has been pounding very hard in the middle of the night after drinking 4 to 5 glasses of wine. I understand that I would need to stop drinking but it has been a difficult journey and haven't been very successful. Looking forward to share similar story.

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You need to stop the wine even 2 to 3 glasses was way too much. 1 small glass a day is OK more than that no. Cold turkey it. Wine or heart attack. Is it really a choice.

I have the odd can of cider every so often and a glass of wine at special occasions: I fool myself and say that there some of my five a day? I know that I'm fooling myself but it's nice to be a little 'normal' again, the trouble comes when you say things and you don't know your fooling yourself?

Is thinking your OK to have even one glass of wine per day every day fooling yourself?

Your choice


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I don't drink at all. I was a big drinker before my HA but I never did understand just having one drink so I decided if one leads to two then three its best I don't have any. Except........ there is always a time to have a tipple. For me about three to four times a year. That way I don't have to fool myself.

Why are you off your meds? A glass of wine a day I think is OK but I'm not a Dr. Please for yourself and your Family go and see your Dr or Cardiologist right away for help.. I had heart attack at 62 and now will be turning 69 this year and feel great.. I do drink but try to eat right and exercise.. I say TRY as it is an ongoing battle to stay on the right track.. Please take care of yourself... for you and your family..

Drink Merlot only. There are two problems re heart. One is pulse caused by excess epinephrine which is why take beta blocker there are four generations of beta blockers starting with toprol and now bystolic. The second is heart pill and pressure caused by too much neopenephrine you take ace inhibitor which is 40 years old tech and now new fourth generation arb such as benicar or micardis. My cardiologists take bystolic and benicar so I do. Micardis has been called the best heart drug by life extension magazine it is longer lasting 24 hour time. The third is calcium channel blocker such as norvasc. If u don't have ppo plan u won't get these wonder drugs and get old stuff by hmos and insurance carriers who own the generics companies that make the generics so pay nickel instead of hundreds of dollars for new drugs. Some carriers have own pharmacies which are better than cvs and Walgreens a lot less expensive for major drugs

So I drink merlot which reduces pulse

Some red wines increase blood pressure

I tried 50 cabs and pinots and found that Merlots drop my pulse and reduce my pressure drink one cup a day No hard liquor.

Sorry to be straight but if you are drinking 2-3 glasses a day that's a bottle a day and you will die if you don't stop. If that's what you want carry on. If not STOP.

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