Young victim of a heart attack

I had my heart attack 7 months ago while teaching. I was a STEMI with 98% blockage and needed 2 stents in my LAD the crazy thing is that I am 31 year old female, non smoker with low blood pressure and colesterol with a healthy weight. There was damage to my heart and the apex of my heart does not contract properly. I have an ejection fracture of 40%. It sounds worse than I feel. I do get tired easily and sometimes short of breath but I really do feel great!! I just got taken off my bp meds and feel much better. The doctors seem to think the car reck I had 9 months prior that cracked my sternum may have caused the artery to dissect, leading to the plac build up. heart attacks can happen to any one at any time. I am truly blessed and thankful for all those who did their part in saving my life.

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  • I had my 1st heart attack at 23 and did nt know it,i complained of chest pains for many weeks to my gp but he said it was stress,time went by and suddenly at 30 I had awful chest pains b4 going to work on a Friday,i phoned work,and told them,,it was a hospital,,they tolme to come in,,only 30 miles away n have it checked out there,i tought no il go to my local hosp.they said it was stress,3 days I went back n forth.they did no ecg or any tests,went to my gp,he said I had a bad heart murmur but I couldn't walk far,im male,very slim,no vices,they refered me to the cardiologist,,i was told again I had a heart murmur,i was listed for an angiogram,,which I had to 9mnths for,they found I had my artery totally blocke and my left 80percent blocked,i was listed for bypass surgery n waited 13mnths for it,this was in 1990,i had my bypass n what a difference,culd breath walk etc etc,,I had a few more heart attacks my ldl in my cholestral was hi n they cudnt controlwith drugs,,it was 9,now 3.2,i had another bypass in 2008which failed within weeks im now 56 and need more attention but I cant have much,i have only my lima graft working and al my native grafts blocked,,what do I do now?

  • all I can say is bloody hell you been through a lot,but all you can do is ask your cardiologist why you are always having problems ,none of us here can medically guide you or give you answers as we are not doctors.

    But I notice you brought up the point that stress even over 20 years ago was indicative of heart problems and recognised by the medical profession even then,sadly employers today still disbelieve that stress can cause heart attacks leading to the death of many employees.

  • it wasn't stress tho it was a heart attack on both occasions sorry,,iwhen I had the angiogram @30 they sed there was old scarring showing id had an Mi earlier and another one at 30

    my cardiologist has just retired and no others have been taken on to replace him...I have had 10pace makers too since 1999

  • I suggest you do 2 things . first, email or see/phone your local MP about your lack of cardiologist.

    Here is a link for you :-

    Second , go to your local doctor ,explain the situation to him and ask for him to refer you to the closest cardiologist in your area

  • ive been in contact with mp already

    only one gp in my village and was discharged from cardioligist in southport few mnths ago as they cudnt help in southport uk......

  • looks like you need to talk to the local media and tell your mp your not happy with him/her and thats the reason the media is going to informed.

    You will then see your mp crap from the correct end for a change and things will happen.

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