Sudden Cardiac Arrest & Heart Attack
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Am I having a heart attack?

For some time now on a daily bases I have chest , shoulder and some times back pain. Just so eveyone here knows I have bad panic attacks and have a fear of death. So I think when I get pains in my left arm or chest and back it must be a heart problem. This has been going on for years . What are the signs or how do you know if its a heart attack ?

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People are affected differently. For some there is a noticeable lack of usual energy which develops in activity. I also had spiking high blood pressure for two months when usually lowish.My severe pain was sudden onset, unremitting for three hours and only in chest/ heart area. It didn't show on heart trace! We all get other pains in arm chest back for different reasons. That's not to say that these mightn't be heart related.Make sure you are living a healthy lifestyle. It's never too late to start. I really don't think you are in danger of a heart attack if this has been going on for years! !

Find some way to start relaxing and stop wasting your life worrying.

Those of us who had a ha now live with the likelihood of another more severe one.

Personally, my Christian faith is what gives me peace even when I was confronted with the possibility of dying.

God bless!

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Thank you


ive 10 heart attacks,some ive felt some have been silent over 27/28yrs,my first two heart attacks where put down to streeess,the hospital in wigan,lancashire did no tests ecgs ior blood tests and told i was wasting their time,,the folowing week i had terrible chest pain,i was only 23yrs old..cudnt walk down my driveway.of 15ft.i went to see gp,as i had dine week before when he said theres nothing wrong,following week he said i had a heart murmur and chest pain was stress,he refered me to cardiologis,saw him in had the chest pain in oct 1990 btw...i was referred for angiogram,,results showing two dead areas of my heart,so id had a recent a heart attack and a new one,Ive always had chest pain even with two triple at 55 i think they aint bothered,dont care whatsoever

Soory everyone in my opinion has different experiences for an MI,so have i,from no symptoms to chronic chest pain,arm,throat,stomach,sickness and terible sweating

If i was you id get a referral to my cardiologist from your gp to try n put ur mind at rest ot see if you really have heart probs,,most drs put chest pain in younger people to anxiety,,they r completely wrong,well they were in my case........


yes you could well be. go to A&E straight away... dont feel guilty... you will find everyone there, some even complaining of a cough or the flu...


Go the ER and have them check it out. If they tell you all clear, then start taking actions to calm the anxiety like - Anytime these feelings come up replace them with other things, like read a book, go for a walk, breathing meditation, work some puzzles, count to 10 as fast as you can repetitively. Then read some educational books-articles, Exercise, listen to upbeat music, listen to comedy or watch comedic movies, do Tai Chi or yoga, organize something, learn something new. Basically the mind can only think about one thing at a time. If you're keeping the mind engaged in something else, it has no room for the worries and concerns. I just take it a day at a time and do the best I can. Honestly some days really suck. Then there are better days. What helps me is to break my time into smaller blocks and say well I can stand this for one hour. The next hour will be better and it usually is, when I take charge of what I am doing. Anyway good luck on your journey.


I'd agree it's unlikely HA if been going on for years. Go to GP & hmget referral / tests. Then u know it's not medical so seek support for anxiety- plenty of help out there.

Cut down / out on caffeine & alcohol & find something that interests you & takes your mind of worrying.

Life is too sumhort to spend it worrying. This weeks events in Manchester alone demonstrates we have no idea what is round the corner.

Then stop looking on forums like this!

I'm only on it for advice as I had a cardiac arrest out of the blue whilst cycling. I was miles from anywhere. So lucky to be alive. Yet I've always lived very healthy lifestyle. Apparently my arteries are prestine so we just never know.

Take care


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