Restless Legs Syndrome
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RLS or ?

Hi Dears

Here is my detailed case :

I am ( Rahim Rahbar ) 63 years old , my feet started painful tingling ( More intense at night and when I lay down, also I can get some relief when I walk ) about 6 years ago. At the same time I felt a little numbness in my feet, which became more by the time passed .

I feel no weakness in my legs or hands and the pain is just in my feet but not in hands.

Just recently I did EMG and NCV tests and I have been diagnose with

“Polyradiculoneuropathy “

I should state that I do not have any mussel lose or muscular weakness in hands or legs and no paralysis on face or hands( these are some of the symptoms of polyradiculoneuropathy.

I have a feeling of getting wrong diagnose, anyway my Doctor accepted that I am suffering from Polyradiculoneuropathy and put me on :

•Multivitamin Therapeutic 1 in the morning ( for nerve repairment )

•Naproxen 500 1 tablet at noon ( for reducing inflammation )

•Pregabalin 50 1 capsule at night ( nerve pain reliever )

I am not sure if I am suffering from polyradiculoneuropathy or peripheral neuropathy but I might have RLS.

According to your experience, what do you think

I appreciate your comments

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Hi Rahim, to have the diagnose for RLS, you have to have the urge to move your legs, your leg or legs seem to have a mind of there own, and jump even tho you dont want them to, to get relief from the urge to move them, you have to walk. If you dont have the urge to move them, then you dont have RLS. Tingling in your feet can be a symptom of RLS, but its the urge to move that is one of the criteria for RLS. Has your doctor told you that you have RLS, by you telling him/her of the symptoms. Because the meds you are taking do not point to meds for RLS, altho some doctors get people to take Pregabalin for RLS.. As for the other issues, i cant help on those as i do not have any knowledge of them....


Ditto what Elisse said. You can have BOTH conditions, many do, though studies have not shown that they are related. What symptoms do you have that match the diagnostic criteria of RLS. Hard to remember all of it. lots of people here. But, you have to have that "urge to move" or your legs (arms) feel like they will "explode". Impossible to sit still, etc. Elisse is right, none of your meds are RLS meds, except possibly Pregablin, but it is unproven, and is usually used for nerve pain like Fibromyalgia pain*(in the US)


Dear dancer I agree with you both, if I could figure the nature and the cause of the pain, then it would be easier approaching toward right treatment. :(


Hello Elisse, I can not confirm the urge but I can tell you because of the pain I can not remain in bet or seated, so I get up and start walking and even when I am walking those painful shock waves don't go away but it is better than sitting or remaining in bed.

About a year ago one neurologist diagnosed RLS and he put me on .18 mg of requipt but it wasn't much of help tho.

I am going to take EMG & NCV test in another hospital and then take them to a good neurologist this week. Looks like we all have one thing in common and that is the ugly pain


Hello rahim, if you do not have the urge to move your legs then it does sound as if you do not have RLS, You HAVE to have the urge to move those legs, or that they will jump and you cant control that movement. I hope you get a better idea on what is happening when you see someone else. Pain can go hand in hand with RLS, i get some pain, in my calves, it feels like a deep ache and sometimes its really painful. I know i keep repeating it, but its that uncontrollable movement that you know its RLS and to get relief from it is by walking.


Posted this to see if this helps you Rahim. in whether you definately have RLS.


Thank You Elisse, this is very kind of you,

I carefully read your posts and the site, both were helpful , I am sure getting on right spot is better than staying in a dark :)


Hello Rahim

I do have all of the typical RLS symptoms and fit the criteria. However I too have it in the feet and I read this is entirely possible but quite a rare area to have it. If you fit the diagnostic test described above by Elisse, then you may well have RLS but your neurologist will tell you if it is RLS. Good luck anyway.


Thank you dear Peter

I do not fit all the criteria of RLS, After years of suffering I hope to get the right diagnose soon. :)


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