Has anyone with RLS experienced there legs and feet being very hot at times especially in bed. Sometimes my legs and feet are so hot with no leg pain i have to get out of bed and walk round on a cold floor for relief, it can happen 2/3 times some nights. so i am either out of bed walking round with RLS or hot legs and feet

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  • Yeah I get the exact same thing so much so I get up and put my feet in cold water. I think it helps. Mind you some nights I get feet so cold I have to hold them to warm them, (not as annoying as hot feet

  • Carol1948. Yes i have always suffered with cold feet and still do somtimes i think i would rather them be cold. If i stay in bed they get hotter and hotter till i can,t stand it

  • Sometimes my feet are cold to the touch but feel as though they are on fire!

  • I've sciatic pain that some times leaves my right foot in particular feeing wet and cold in my head but warm and dry to touch. As my Mrs says I've a bit of a strange body!

  • I have had those sensations, too. Sometimes it feels like water us dripping down the leg, or running down the leg. Sometimes if feels as if the skin is crawling. It is so difficult to describe it to someone who had not experienced it. There are cramps that won't go away easily. I sometimes wonder if this isn't how muscular dystrophy or multile sclerosis must feel to its victims.

  • Yeah - people look at me strangely when I try and explain what I feel. I wonder is it tied into a neurological disorder like the RLS?

  • carol1948. I once mentioned it to my doctor he asked if it went away at the time i said yes. I think i will mention it again and see what he has to say. Is it part and parcel of RLS especially when i read others suffer it as well. i kept thinking i had something else wrong as well

  • Its winter, yet i sleep with the window open and feet (sometimes legs) sticking out of covers as they're too hot, it also seems to help calm them down a little. When up in night, i often wear shorts and flip flops when wondering up n down in the garden, yes there's snow on the ground but it helps cool and numb them so i can possibly get some sleep!!!

  • I've wandered around my garden bare foot in the middle of the night but not when there is frost or snow, a 'step' too far that :)

  • I've had this experience with PLMD.


  • Yes. I sure have.

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