Restless Legs Syndrome
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Case study - an update. (might be of interest to "new" sufferers)

Have tried the usual Dopamine medications. ( Mirapexin, Neupro patch and Requip ) All showed varying degress of success in reducing movements during sleep but all left me feeling as tired during the day as when I was on zero medication.

Consultant has now suggested we go down a different route and has started me on Neurontin 300mg. Will give an update in a few weeks.

Would appreciate comments from others who may be on or have used this drug.

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I tried Neurontin (gabapentin) started at 300mg then after a week 600mg. it didnt help my RLS at all, and just made me really sleepy in the day. I came off it after a month...

I do know that it is helpful for others who take it.

Good luck.. :)


I'm taking Gabapentin -200mg at no later than 8pm each night -and it's working. If I take it later than 8pm my legs 'start' and I get no sleep. Gabapentin doesn't stop the RLS if it's had chance to start, but it does stop it starting! Sleepy in early morning -definitely, but it soon wears off me, and as I've mentioned on other posts it's infinitely preferable to sleepless nights and leg and feet pain. Fortunately I'm retired now so I don't have to start moving early togo to work!

Hope it works for you, Gannet.


Many thanks Dangermouse and Elisse for your replies. Only taking it since Friday so too early to see any result.



Just remember that 300 mgs is the very lowest dose, so you have a long way to go up if you have to. If 300 mgs dowes not work, there is no shame or problem in going up. Highest dose for rLS is 3600 mgs, so you can see that you have a lot of rm to play with. Good luck! I tried it, but I have tried every med including all the dopamine meds, gabapentin, and anything else they could think of. So, I now that we know none of the "official" meds work for me, my doctors all agreed on opiate pain meds. That is what works for me, and they are the only thing. Also, to dangermouse, stopping your RLS before it starts is the key to treating RLS. If you take your meds after it has started, like you say, it is harder or almost impossible to calm it down. If my RLS gets going, it takes twice as much meds to stop it, but as long as I can get thru at least half the days in the months with no RLS`at all, I am happy. :)


I too take Gabapentin (900mg) - at least 2hrs before going to bed for it to be effective - as a supplement to a 3mg Neupro patch. After an 'iffy' start (following previous ineffective treatments with Ropinirole and Requip) I'm having the best sleep in years, so I'd suggest you stick with it for a while- good luck.


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